Monday, January 12, 2009

Early Monday

Good news is: I already had a great cardio workout this morning.
Bad news is: It's the first time I've worked out since Thursday.

No really great excuses for not getting my workouts in over the weekend. Friday I just ran out of time before picking FH up from work was just too busy to take time out for a Shred. Saturday was definitely procrastination....I got sidetracked by thoroughly cleaning and scrubbing our entranceway (salt and gross weather make for a big mess) and by the time I finished I had lost my window of opportunity for the gym. Yesterday we had to skip yoga due to Mother Nature. Ah well. Such is life, right?

My eating was OP for Friday and Saturday (I had planned to use my Flex for Saturday night at a small going away party and that's what I did). Yesterday fell apart though....McD's for lunch and far too many leftover Chocolate Toffee Bars. I did however, drink a ton of water!

This morning I drove FH to work extra early and then hit the gym for my Monday cardio. On the treadmill I did a 5 minute warm-up, 15 minutes of running intervals, and a 5 minute incline walk cooldown. Then onto the elliptical for 20 minutes of intervals and a 5 minute reverse walking cooldown. Finished with 3 set of different crunches and 5 minutes on the Stairmaster. Later today I have to fit in a Shred workout...probably around noon....depending on work.

I forgot to weigh-in before I worked out, drank a bunch of water, and ate a huge bowl of oatmeal. I stepped on the scale when I remembered but it showed me up 2 pounds so I'm going to try again tomorrow BEFORE working out and eating!

Today's menu:

- coffee with smidge of brown sugar & splash of skim milk
- oatmeal with vanilla Almond Breeze, 1/2 banana, fresh blueberries
- watermelon
- ham, cheese, & tomato quesadilla on a ww tortilla, with light sour cream & salsa
- granola bar & tea
- leftover "Last Minute Lasagna"...served with mixed greens salad
- chocolate toffee bar

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Jen said...

I would ABSOLUTELY re-weigh tomorrow!!! I have to do it first thing in the morning before ANYTHING...otherwise it gets SUPER skewed!!!!

Anonymous said...

I was totally eyeing that 'Last Minute Lasagna' too on Carrots N Cake, it may be in my near future as well. :)

Vanessa said...

Definitely re-weigh tomorrow!

Great job on the gym. =)

eurydice said...

happy to hear you are on the oatmeal train as well!

Angie All The Way said...


Yay oatmeal!

JavaChick said...

I'm sure the cleaning on Saturday was a bit of a workout. And you got back to it today, right?

Good luck with the weigh in tomorrow ~ it is always higher if you've already eaten and so on.

carla said...

Id never seen the last minute lasagne!
and Id say reweigh tomorrow but, as we know, Im an antiscaler :) so I shall just say do whatcha feel and pee first.