Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Grrrr....I hate it when the barista rushes my drink and it winds up with way too much foam. I decided to go through the Starbucks drive-thru on my way home from the gym because I hadn't set the coffee maker at home to auto-brew this morning. Since I still had a few bucks left on my last Starbucks gift card I opted for a double tall vanilla no fat latte...yummmm! Except when I picked it up when I got out of the car I knew there was something wrong...it was way too light. And sure enough when I opened it up, it is like half foam. I hate that.

Also off on the wrong foot today was my weigh-in. Maybe it's the holiday weight that I had expected to see when I weighed in last Monday...I'm up about 1.4 pounds. I hate it when that happens after a whole week OP and a bunch of working out. Annoying. Hopefully it sorts itself out this week because I'm now officially over my comfort zone.


On the bright side...I got up to drive FH early again this morning so hit up the gym for cardio and upper body strength. I almost skipped it because I have plans with the girls this evening for FitKick (cardio kickboxing) but then decided that A) I'm already up and out B) the weather is supposed to get bad again today so I might end up missing FitKick C) Tuesdays are supposed to be gym AND Shred so I can skip Shred instead. My arms will thank me for this morning's workout tomorrow I am sure. Ouch.

I was wrong about doing Shred yesterday. Checked my workout plan and sure enough it's Tuesdays not Mondays....which was great because I soooo didn't have time yesterday. Whew.

Yesterday was mostly OP, but instead of my healthy planned watermelon, salad, etc I ended up substituting the points for those damn cookie bars because they were staring at me. The rest of the plate went into the garbage...yaaaieeee me. No more stupid empty calories thank you very much.

Today's menu plan:

- the latte as mentioned
- All Bran bar
- watermelon
- smoothie: vanilla soy milk, frozen mango, strawberries
- oatmeal with vanilla Almond Breeze, banana, blueberries, sprinkle of coconut
- dinner will be late due to FitKick, so carrots & celery with hummus to tide me through
- granola bar in my bag for after class just in case
- leftover "Last Minute Lasagna", mixed greens salad
- tea while I curl up on the couch....FH is working overnight

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Vanessa said...

Grr...I hate it when there's too much foam! I had that problem at a coffee shop here in the Peg...I sent it back, and the girl serving me gave me THE snottiest look and told me "it's supposed to be like that!"

Funny part is I was working at Starbucks at the time and knew what a friggin latte was supposed to look like. I told her so...and a few other things that I won't repeat :P

Angie All The Way said...

Seriously??? Don't they know that you paid like $1million for that friggin coffee???! Pffffft

i get that "delayed" weight gain and it SUCKS because it's when you're head is already back in the gain and it takes the wind out of yoru sails. Well don't fret cause we're gonna sweet the bejezus out ourselves in whatever we're doing tonight!

eurydice said...

i always get "no foam" in fact, i get sugar-free whatever, non-fat, extra hot, no foam. for $4 they should be serving it to me on a silver platter!

Jen said...

Good for you for throwing those cookies in the garbage!!

I agree!!! that is WAY too much foam...only if you get a cappucino should you have that much!!! (Seriously, I read up on this stuff when I got my espresso machine...wouldn't want anybody tossing any hot drinks back at me!!!) - I just caught Eurydices comment and Angies...*laughs*

Roxy said...

Good job going to the gym! Im having a hard time getting up in the morning to go :(

Fatinah said...

I hate too much foam....I don't order cappucinos for that very reason!