Monday, January 05, 2009

Happy New Year!

Off on the right foot this morning! Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

First, let me say that after all of this I actually only had about a 2 pound weight gain. In fact, if I'm only worrying about weight (which I'm not) then I'm still within my comfort zone and I shouldn't feel bad. However, I almost couldn't button my pants up yesterday and the back muffin top I worked so hard to get rid of definitely made an appearance so there lies the concern. My muscle and measurements are rapidly escaping me!

Not anymore!! This. Stops. Now.

Got up with FH (weeeeeeeee.....see this post if you didn't know about this!) at the crack of bloody dawn (wait, nope it wasn't even dawn yet) and drove him to work so I could take my sorry ass to the gym. Last night after I wrote out my health-o-lutions, I made a weekly workout plan for January (which I will enlighten you with in another post) and Mondays will entail a 1-hour cardio session in the early morning AND a lunchtime workout with my Shred DVD (review to come tomorrow).

Taking motivation from Tasha I've decided to push for running on the treadmill again. I'd really let it slip and even when I did get on the treadmill I really wasn't going for my full potential. I have crappy lung capacity and I've had difficulty building my stamina, so that's my focus for this month. So I hopped on and did a 5 minute warm-up of face-paced walking, then did 2 minute running intervals (@ 5.5) with 1 minute walking intervals (@ 3.5) for another 15 minutes. Followed this with 5 minutes of incline walking.

I then did 25 minutes on the full body elliptical (that's the one I refer to as the "good" elliptical because it's a nicer machine and I like it's stride better). 20 minutes of machine timed intervals at a steady pace with a cardio-level heartrate, followed by 5 minutes of cooldown in reverse.

To fill out the hour I have decided to try the Stairmaster. I think I've only ever tried it once before and it was too hard for me. So there's another goal. To be able to last longer than 5 minutes on an easy level!! I set it for 10 minutes, but after 5 I had to call it a day. I was getting lightheaded and the last time that happened I actually passed out...and I'd prefer not to relive that. Instead I took an extra long time for my stretching since it's been over a month since I had a real workout and I know I'm going to FEEL IT tomorrow.

It was a great start to the new year! (and I still have my Shred workout to do!)

Oh, and can I just say I love routine. Back to work for FH and I today and I can already tell that my eating is going to be better. Nice.

Today's menu: (notice the snack-meal-snack-meal plan)

- 1/2 banana pre-gym
- instant oatmeal with 1/2 banana, added flax meal, splash of vanilla Almond Breeze
- coffee with sploosh of egg nog
- ff vanilla yogurt with fresh strawberries & blueberries
- salad with leftover deli roast chicken & chick peas
- crackers with goat cheese & red pepper jelly
- pork loin chop with sauteed mushrooms & onions, steamed brocolli, & Splendido mushroom risotto
- apple with natural PB

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Angie All The Way said...

I know eh! After all the moaning and groaning, here I am at the same weight I was before xmas (or close to it, i don't remember!) haha

That's how we keep ourselves from gaining (or too much) I suppose, right?!

I'm super pumped for yoga with you guys :)

Jen said...

That's GREAT to make it through with only a 2 lb gain! but I agree, keep your body in a way that FEELS good right? not just looks good number wise!

So glad you came up with an awesome plan!!!

Sara said...

2lb gain is not too shabby! And congrats on the engagement - what a great xmas gift!!

eurydice said...

the stairmaster is brutal, i agree! a 2lb gain is nothing... i'm sure with a few gym trips you'll be feeling more like yourself.

and i know how you are feeling about the routine. i love routine!

Lynn said...

Your work out sounds AWESOME, a great sweat!! You should definitely try running again (The Bluenose is in May *hint *hint!)

Routine always makes eating healthy easier.

Mon said...

Congrats on the engagement! :) I got a nice sparkly present for my ringer finger as well over the holidays.

2lb gain, so not a problem, you'll have that gone in no time!

Julie said...

A 2 lb gain is not that bad! You will be back into a routine which always helps.

Congrats on your engagement!!

tash said...

Yay for the treadmill! And all the other exercise you are going to do! Motivation = wedding!!!! AND Honeymoon!!!!!!

JavaChick said...

Sounds like you are off to a great start. I'm finding it a bit hard to get back into my routine, but hopefully by the end of the week I'll be in the groove again.