Sunday, January 04, 2009


Yessir, it's definitely that time again. That time when we all stand back and take a good hard look at the things we want and need. The things that we have maybe let slip by or maybe didn't even try for or that maybe just need an extra bit of attention.

In my case I'm looking at the same thing as last year. Activity.

In the last year my commitment to activity came and went. I've broken it down into three categories and set a goal for each one: gym, at-home, other

This last year I joined the gym, learned from my trainer, put my knowledge to use, and felt pretty good about it. I did get bored and lose interest near the end of the year though, which led to using every excuse I could get my hands on not to go. I have created five goals specific to the gym:

1 - Create and stick to a doable gym schedule (even if this means the schedule changes each month in order to fit our lives).
2 - Try to mix things up a little by trying out the free classes at the gym. Minimum once per month...with a goal of once per week when time allows.
3 - Work harder on building up cardio and really pushing myself to do my best.
4 - Use the stack of Self & Shape magazines I have to create new strength training routines (create a new body goal for each month to keep it interesting).
5 - No excuses. Fit it in.

My at-home activity waned after our beloved Mojo passed on this Summer. Without the dog to walk I admittedly found a lot of comfort just sitting on my butt instead of taking my daily stroll around the neighborhood. To aid in avoiding this in the future I now have the Jillian Michaels 30-Day Shred DVD which I intend to use for off-gym days and any days that the weather is too unfriendly for a decent walk. If this turns out to be enjoyable I might look for another at-home activity to help keep things from getting monotonous. The goal here is 30 minutes of activity per day any which way I like.

The brightest spot in all of this is that after almost a year here in Halifax I have finally found some friends to do activities lovely blog girls! Together we have already tried a warm yoga class and we are now looking forward to trying true hot yoga and hopefully some more yoga and/or pilates classes. I hope that we make this a weekly thing to help round out my activity schedule. Plans with friends are a major aid in accountability for one wants to be the one to let the group down!

So there you have it. Health-o-lutions 2009! Pin It


Lynn said...

It's true, I'm less likely to slack off if it means letting the group down! I'm all for a weekly yoga/pilates class!!

Vanessa said...

Nice goals! I so wish I lived near you ladies. We'd have such good times!

tash said...

I wish I lived in Halifax to do activities with you guys!

Great goals!

Jen said...

WOOT!!! That sounds great!!!

Just so you know, I would TOTALLY go to a yoga/pilates class when I visit!! So that way you don't have to give up stuff just to entertain me!!!

Angie All The Way said...

WOoohoooo! Bring on the hot yoga/pilates/whatever else we can shake our booty or shavasanah our booty too! :-)

Lex said...

I am also going to be doing the 30 day shred!! I am super pumped since I've heard tonnes of great reviews!

I can't wait to hear about hot yoga. I am kind of terrified to try - I think I would pass out!!

Espressomama said...

Hmm, do I sense a HRM fitness challenge in addition to the BLBE?

Roxy said...

Great idea to write everything out- i think i will do the same, then i can look back over time and evaluate