Thursday, January 15, 2009


All this extra working out is making me extra hungry. At least I think that's what is doing it. Yesterday I ended up making banana coconut oatmeal for lunch because I was pretty sure the soup just wouldn't be filling enough. I still had my cheese, crackers, carrots and hummus too. I threw in an extra granola bar while I was making dinner and then even after dinner I was out in the kitchen looking for something to fill the hole I still felt in my tummy. And it wasn't boredom eating...just plain old hunger. I stuck to my planned bran muffin and tea.

I added dried cherries to the oatmeal concoction yesterday and they were super yummy. They plump up and get almost juicy from the heat and moisture. I think today I'll try raisins and cinnamon instead of the coconut. I'm also out of Almond Breeze so I'm going to try using vanilla soy milk today and see how that works out.

Got up this morning (-22 with the wind chill...brrrrrrrr) to take my poor sick FH to work. He totally needs a sick day but had too much important stuff to do at work today. So, up I got with him and since I was already out there I of course made my way to the gym. I did a 5 minute walking warm up on the treadmill, followed by 15 minutes of 2:1 intervals and a 5 minute incline cooldown. Then did lower body strength...leg press, calf raises, squats and walking lunges. Followed by my new usual...three sets of different crunches and 5 minutes on the Stairmaster.

Today's menu:

- granola bar
- coffee with brown sugar & vanilla soy milk
- oatmeal with banana, raisins and vanilla soy milk
- watermelon
- leftover pork stir fry
- cheese n crackers
- grilled roast beef sammich with light mozza & horseradish on french bread, served with whatever kind of soup FH wants for supper, maybe salad if I'm still hungry
- tea & chocolate zucchini bran muffin

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Carolyn said...

Poor hubs. Mine totally refuses to take a sick day from work. Frustrating.

Glad you made it to the gym for a great are seriously rocking this gym thing!

Heather said...

brrrr...I'm freezing in my cubicle'll be a relief to hit the gym after work me thinks!

tash said...

Dinner sounds yummy!

Cat_82 said...

You're so awesome to go to the gym when it would have been so tempting to snuggle back into your warm bed!!


Sara said...

On these cold mornings I'm finding it extra hard to get up so good for you!