Thursday, January 29, 2009


Man. I think I'd rather have the 4 feet of snow back. I know...bite my tongue! But Jesus. Last night we did get the predicted snow on top of all the ice we already had...then it rained all night on top of the snow, then froze. Yippee. Wouldn't be so bad, but the plow managed to go by a couple of times before it rained so the usual heap of snow in the mouth of driveway was hard and heavy. Had to smash it all repeatedly with the shovel before I could scrape it up. Annoying and heavy. I managed to make a path just wide enough to fit the car through. I'll have to keep working on trying to make it wider...argh.

Anywho. I'm here to admit that I'm a slacker. I didn't do any of the exercise options I had laid out yesterday. Basically I made dinner, laid down on the couch, got up to make brownies, laid down on the couch, got up to get some more brownies, and laid on the couch. I suck. Oh well. Did you know that Betty Crocker low-fat brownies are only 2 points even when made with the egg? Nice. Of course, I ate like 5. Then felt shitty. So I saved only the edge pieces that I love and hucked the rest in the garbage. What a waste.

Tonight I'm meeting a couple of girlfriends for dinner and a no activity time. At least I've shoveled the driveway today. And my eating has been good so far....hopefully it stays that way. Dinner is at this great Mediterranean place Mezza. We've eaten there once before and it was excellent. We'll probably order a platter to share....seems like the thing to do. :) Afterwards we are going to see Slumdog Millionaire.

Today's menu:

- coffee with brown sugar & skim
- other 1/2 of big pink grapefruit
- quesadilla made with small ww tortilla, 1 oz finely shredded mozza, tomatoes, sprinkle of Ready-Crisp bacon, green onions and fresh basil...served with Pete's salsa (so disappointing) and light sour cream
- 1 brownie
- 2 fresh Medjool dates
- toast with almond butter & honey
- dinner out! Pin It


eurydice said...

i hate winter too. too bad about the brownies - only 5 though... could have been worse!

Lynn said...

UGH too much ice.snow.crap. I hear ya!

Espressomama said...

I got an hour of upper body workout shovelling out the doors at work. Funny, hubby did the driveway in minutes. I'm going to feel the arms and back in the morning!

Roxy said...

You can always have my brownie edge peices ! Do you also like the bread heels?

JavaChick said...

We have the same snow/ice combo here. Our garage door keeps freezing to the ground. So looking forward to spring.