Thursday, January 08, 2009


We had a crazy ice storm last night. I only had to walk from our neighbor two doors over and it was a challenge. On the ground, it just looked like normal snow but each step was a treacherous slide across hard packed ice. Nutty. Even the banisters and everything were covered in a layer of ice. My car looked like a popsicle and I'm pretty sure it was actually frozen shut and possibly stuck to the driveway. If it hadn't been so windy and dark I would have taken a picture because that's definitely the first time I've seen anything like that.

So due to that, and the fact that FH didn't have to be at work until 9am today, I didn't get up extra early for the gym this morning. There was no way I was going to spend 30 minutes defrosting and scraping my car (and I'm so not interested in driving on that mess)! Besides FH needed the car by 8:30 and I probably wouldn't have made it back in time. I guess I'll be finding some time this afternoon when he gets home to hit up the gym. It's cardio + lower body today.

I finally got a calendar so I just made my notes for the last few days and gave myself 3 out of 3 pink happy faces for staying OP and sticking to my activity plan. Today is Day 4.

I dipped into my flex by about 4 points last night at book club. I hadn't intended on having wine, but our hostess just found out she's pregnant and her hubby didn't want to drink alone. :) I had two very small one of the awesome blueberry scones I made and a few pieces of fruits and veggies. I had already planned for the scone, and since I didn't eat my carrots & hummus in the afternoon, the other stuff evened out. All in all, totally successful.

Today's meal plan:

- taking a stab at the all-popular oatmeal: rolled oats, 1/2 water & 1/2 vanilla Almond Breeze, banana, coconut, flax meal, a few choco chips
- coffee with sploosh of eggnog
- watermelon
- ww wrap with turkey, light cheddar & tomato

- ff vanilla yogurt with fresh strawberries & blueberries
- granola bar pre-gym
- skim milk post-gym
- grilled turkey sausage served with roasted baby spuds and whatever veggie I grab at the store this beans I hope!
- tea & plain scone with smidge of Olivina margarine

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JavaChick said...

That's what Flex Points are for, right?

We're having pretty crazy weather in Saint John to - since yesterday we've had snow, freezing rain, and back to snow.

Carolyn said...

We've gotten tons of rain and ice and snow in the last 24 hours. it summer yet???

Glad to hear that you are staying on track though, make sure you get to the gym, we'll be checking in on you!

Vanessa said...

Sounds like you're pretty much rocking it. Yay!

Stupid weather.

Jen said...

Glad you didn't need the tough love!!!!

Sounds like you had a fantastic evening MINUS the city sized ice rink!! that sucks!

Angie All The Way said...

Wasn't that nuts?! And today it's +9! That's why I'm still bloody sick!

I still have some egg not to sploosh into my coffee tomorrow - i found it in the back of the fridge and its good til the end of Jan (is that a good thing?)

Lynn said...

Wasn't it just MISERABLE last night/this AM? I live on a hilly dirt road and pretty much slide sideways all the way out this morning - and that was in a 4wheel drive going about 5km/hour.

And wine is SO worth the FP!!! :)

Glad you're feeling great and OP.

tash said...

I hate Halifax ice storms! My car doors have frozen shut before :(

eurydice said...

that sounds so scary. i'm glad you didn't attempt to go. safety first!

Cat_82 said...

You're totally attracting the crazy weather hey? I think you're the one who brought all those crazy snow storms when you were out here!!