Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Holy man, am I tired. Poopered beyond belief. I guess that's what I get for doing two workouts in one of which was a crazy cardio kickboxing class with Angie & Lesley. I knew it would be hard, but boy did it wipe me out! Thanks for trying it out with me time I'll pick something easier like On the Ball!

Thankfully today is my day off from the gym. I'm supposed to fit in a Shred today but so far I'm not seeing the time in my schedule. We shall see...Wednesday timelines are tough because of my weekly conference call. I'd probably die half way into the workout anyway...haha.

Last night I opted to switch out the leftover "lasagna" for a quesadilla at dinner time. When I got home from the crazy workout I just wasn't feeling instead I used two small ww tortillas and sandwiched them together with 1 oz skim mozza, 1 oz light cheddar, chopped tomatoes, snipped green onions, and chopped deli ham. Served it with light sour cream & good! The leftover pasta in now in the freezer for some other time.

Today's menu:

- coffeeeeeee (glad I set it up last night cuz boy did I need it!)
- All Bran bar (too lazy to cook anything this morning)
- watermelon
- Campell's Healthy Request Chicken Soup, with cheese n crackers
- carrots & celery with hummus
- Stir-fry from ESBM, using pork tenderloin and tons of veggies...maybe some rice
- chocolate zucchini bran muffin & tea

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Nancy said...

Your quesadillas sound yummy! I think I'll add black beans to mine and serve with guacamole. Thanks for the idea :)

Jen said...

OOh I love quesadillas!!! That was supposed to be my birthday dinner at first!!!

And you TOTALLY made me want watermelon, just from seeing it written there!!!

Lex said...

I agree with Jen. WAtermelon is one of my favoritesssssssssssss

Marissa said...

Oh, watermelon sounds delicious right now!!

Way to go on two workouts yesterday!!

tash said...

Yummy meal!

Enjoy your day off from the gym!