Wednesday, January 28, 2009


I've gotten so lazy about putting in actual links when I'm posting lately. I always have the best intentions of going back and adding the hyperlink to you lovely ladies or even back to my own posts, but inevitably I just hit publish and never come back to fix things up. Since I've been learning about SEO randomly at work, you would think I'd see the value of link exchanging and building. I need to quit being so damn lazy! I suppose that should be one of my non-health related goals.

The snow didn't arrive last night but listening to the forecast today I don't think we will be so lucky tonight. We are apparently in for blowing snow, then some icy rain and snow, and some sort of freezing situation. Oh the joy. Blech. Hopefully it holds off long enough for me to hit the gym...I am actually thinking about heading downtown to the fancy new location and checking out a yoga class. I'm really stiff the last couple of days and am really feeling the yoga vibe. If that doesn't work out, then I'll just be off to my regular location for a repeat of Monday's fab cardio workout. And double if...if, if it does snow then I guess Jillian and I will be Shredding once again.

Lots of contigencies.

Today's menu:

- OJ
- coffee with brown sugar & skim
- 1/2 giant pink grapefruit (so tart and sweet!)
- oats with unsweetened Almond Breeze, sprinkle coconut, 1/2 banana cooked in, 1 chopped fresh Medjool date & spoonful of almond butter
- leftover steamed veggies, small scoop rice, 2 oz grilled chicken breast (I grilled up a couple last night for a recipe I plan to make for the weekend)
- Garden of Eatin multigrain tortillas with Pete's salsa
- grilled shrimp & scallop cake from Pete's w/ sauteed swiss red chard & easy homemade tartar sauce
- Source ff lemon yogurt with fresh blackberries

(approx 26 points)
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Roxy said...

wow you and Ang with your new BFF Jil - I am going to have to try this shedding as well!!

Cat_82 said...

Ugh...we got more snow yesterday too....the first dumping from Christmas isn't even totally gone.....

Angie All The Way said...

Ummm don't you love Pete's Salsa??!

I have never really learned about those cool web and link tips that you keep talking about! I add the links to prevent people from asking the same Q's over and over. Hey did you know that if you use Live Writer, you can check a box that will automatically link a certain text every time you write it?! Like everytime I type "Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Breeze" it automatically links it up for me because I checked the box on live writer :-) SOOO HANDY!