Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Makin Soup

The flemmy throat is hanging on but thankfully the stuff sinuses and runny nose seem to be almost gone. Nice that it's a short illness, but geeeeeze couldn't it have waited until after FH had left?! Ah well....hopefully I'll be feeling good enough to get back to the gym tomorrow or Thursday at the latest. Right now my lungs are still full of junk and my breathing is slightly labored.

I spent the day yesterday eating whatever crap I could get my hands on while lying on the couch, watching a Gilmore Girls marathon, and working between episodes. I had a huge nap and then still went to bed before midnight and slept for nine hours. Today I am back to normal on my eating and am working on undoing any damage I did over the last couple of days.

It's been super Wintery outside for a while now....Sunday night we had another 15cm dump of snow, followed by rain and sleet all night. It's cleared up a bit, but I saw some white flakes floating around in the air again this morning so I'm prepared to just bundle up and snuggle in. I was feeling the need for chili so I just made a batch of my Mom's chili, using a can of bean medley and added corn. So freaking good...can't wait for dinner! I also made up a recipe for a batch of pureed cauliflower soup to use up a head I had in the fridge...turned out pretty good. That will be lunch this week I think. Yum!

Again, I forgot to weigh in this week. I went straight back to bed after dropping FH off for work yesterday and had already eaten by the time I remembered....so I had planned to do it today, but duh forgot again! I think I'll just leave it for the week and carry on with my good eats and whatever exercise I can do and hope for the best next Monday. I try not to live by the scale anyway so this will be a good week to look past it.

Today's menu:

- coffee
- toast with natural PB & 1/2 sliced banana
- OJ
- taste tests on the chili and soup
- cauliflower soup with shredded cheddar & croutons
- chili with light sour cream & guacamole tortilla chips
- 1/2 banana sliced with ff vanilla yogurt

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Vanessa said...

I hope you feel better soon!

Cat_82 said...

omg....you sound exactly like me with forgeting to weigh in! it's driving me nuts! I fall asleep telling myself to remember to weigh in and then I remember after I've had my second giant cup of coffee....gah!!

Glad you're feeling a bit better muffin!

tash said...

I'm glad the cold is fading away!

Julie said...

Hope you are better soon!

Sounds like you are taking good care of yourself.

Angie All The Way said...

Thank goodness it's clearing up! Soup sounds yum!! I heart Gilmore Girls :-)