Friday, January 23, 2009

No Love

Oh sure, it's been like three days since I've had a comment. I see there is no love in blogland. hrmmph.

This morning has been fairly productive in that I got up and got an hour of work done before I headed out to book our Dominican holiday and get my hair cut. Now I'm back getting caught up on my blogs and emails, so I can whip through the afternoon of work and have a leisurly evening. I think I'll be getting some exercise shovelling the heavy-ass chunks of ice the City of Halifax left in the mouth of my driveway (argh....seriously I got home and there is so much shit plowed into a pile that I had to park at the neighbor's for now...and it's all crazy heavy broken ice and stuff...not impressed).

I did not do my Shred last night. I suck. I did work late and then was starving so I ate dinner before I realized that I should have worked out first. By the time I digested it was like 9:30 and I was getting ready for bed. Doh. I will be smarter today I swear! Especially since I picked up this gorgeous cupcake from Starbucks that I plan to enjoy but need to earn. Yum!

I also spent some time sorting my fridge and preparing all of the veggies, etc that need to be used so everything is all ready to go for the next couple of days. I love the organized feeling of having all of my salad veggies chopped and ready to rock...makes life so much easier...and leaves me wanting to chose healthy instead of easy.

Today's menu...

- OJ
- Second Cup large coffee on the run with raw sugar and skim milk
- Second Cup blueberry oatmeal breakfast cookie (1/2 before hair appointment, 1/2 after) - total 4 points
- Starbucks double tall extra hot non fat vanilla latte
- carrots, celery, mushrooms & brocolli with homemade low-fat onion dip (I was eating this with chips earlier in the week but wisely I tossed the remaining chips!)
- crackers and hummus
- dinner is leftover pork loin chop and hugeass salad with goat cheese
- Starbucks red velvet cupcake

(approx 26 idea on the cupcake)


I am now officially Shredded. Well, for today anyway. :) And I ate that cupcake and although it was wasn't great. Looks can be deceiving. And now I shall eat my salad like a good girl before heading out to join some girlfriends for a last minute girls night out...drinky-poos are to be had. :)

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Vanessa said...

Hello Squeaky, my name is Grease. ;)

I'm jealous of your holiday plans!

Carolyn said...

Ohh I was JUST posting on your last post when you posted this one.

I'm excited for you and FH for your vacation. It's so amazing to get away together. Hubs and I had the best time last May when we went to DR together!

PS DO the Shred video already!

Tiffa said...

Everyone's jealous for your vacation, that's why there are no posts :P Seriously though, it should be awesome!

Jen said...

BAH!!! I DID try to comment yesterday!!! I thought maybe I hit "back" too soon and obviously I did!!! BOOOOOURNS!!!

I would say that I am jealous of your holiday plans (which I am) but I am getting away from -30 ish starting tomorrow, so I am not allowed to complain!!!

Roxy said...

Just sharing some love ;)

Espressomama said...

Of course we still love you, girl!