Saturday, January 24, 2009

Shake My Bon Bon

First, let me say that I already did my Shred for the day! Yaaieeeee! Two days down...a hundred and twenty seven million to go..... :)

Second, my shoulder/arm pain thing is back with a vengeance. It never went away but it got a lot better and I think I just got used to always having pain in my arm. The massage therapy felt good but never helped the issue so I stopped going...mainly due to the cost. I spent over $1000 between chiro and massage since August and I'm still basically in the same place I was before. I do finally have a new doctor though so I'll mention all of this when I meet her on Tuesday (thanks Farm Girl for hooking me up!).

Third, I was supposed to hit up the Optimyz Health Expo with Angie and Farm Girl today but our schedules were having trouble meeting in the middle so we are going to try to do it tomorrow instead....then hopefully hit up another "warm" yoga class at Breathing Spaces. I'm excited cuz I missed out on their drippy hot yoga adventure at Moksha last week.

Fourth, I have to say that I like vanilla Almond Breeze better than vanilla soy milk for my oatmeal.

And Finally, last night I went dancing with my girlfriends and had a great time. I had 4 vodka sodas (yaaaiee for sticking with the lowest cal drink!) and one shot of Baja Rosa (what's a girls night without a shot?). But we danced quite a bit so I think the calorie intake was washed away by the booty shaking. And I did say no to the pizza I was offered even though the smell was divine! Instead I made a piece of whole grain toast with a smear of Olivina margarine when I got home.

So I had a nice little sleep in til about 10:15 this morning then got up and made myself a bowl of oats to start my day off right. I let that settle while I read the paper, then did my Shred. Now since my plans have changed I'm going to enjoy some coffee, watch a little TV, then do some errands (I still need weights for the Shredding!). Tonight I will either join some friends for dinner or maybe pick up some sushi for myself after hitting the's about time I go back and make use of my membership fee! Pin It


Vanessa said...

Great job on the Shred! I need to get my butt in gear and do it again. I guess today is a great time to do so! :)

farm girl. said...

yea! you finally got into the dr!! i wondered!

Angie All The Way said...

I tried SHred this morning with 3 lbs weights and I am FEELING it! I have no idea what the hot yoga's going to do - better or worse? Ah well it's all good!

I heart almond breeze, as you know.

Kind of poopy that we didn't get to the expo eh?

That super really sucks about your arm pain! It is so expensive to keep up the chiro and massage and normally you need to go so much longer than medical coverage will pay which REALLY sucks! I hope your new doc has some better avenues for you - maybe a referral to a public funded MT or chiro?

Se ya at hot er, warm yoga! I will definitely go to Moksha with you again, so no worries about that!