Sunday, January 18, 2009

Surf n Turf

Booooo. I'm a sickypants now. All stuffed up and everything....this better not become a sinus infection like every cold I've had in the last three years!

Yesterday went fairly well, but not as planned...of course! I didn't eat the planned fruit throughout the day, and ended up with a tiny dish of leftover rice and chop suey as my tide-over meal. I forgot to put the Emergen-C in my water too. Not that it would have made me feel better but I've had this sample for ages and keep meaning to try it.

Dinner was soooo yummy! FH couldn't decide between the scallops n bacon and the crab bisque for his appy, so we ordered both and shared...not the salad I had planned but it's just not salad weather!! I opted for the surf and turf for dinner because the restaurant was offering a freaking awesome deal on the lobster...almost half price at $17.95 for a 1.25 pound lobster. How can we pass that up?! I ordered mine with the 6oz filet and it comes with a scoop of mashed potatoes and some green beans. Topped this all off with some Shiraz and it was a decadent meal. :) After dinner we went for a few cocktails at our favorite bar...I stuck with two vodka sodas as I didn't feel the need for anything heavier than that after our lovely meal.

Today I was supposed to try hot yoga with the girls, but this cold has taken a serious hold on my head so I opted to go with the other invitation I had to enjoy brunch with some other girlfriends. I figured sniffling my way through a yoga class with other people trying to be healthy would be poor form. Instead I loaded up on Tylenol Cold Daytime and enjoyed a warm bistro where I had a yummy latte and the brioche french toast with lots of fresh fruit. and water...lots of water.

Now it's snowing....boooo 10 more cm on it's way so I'm huddled into the house for the rest of the afternoon. I'm thinking about what to make for dinner and if I had the ingredients on hand I'd be throwing together a pot of chili because it's that kind of day. I don't feel like going out to the store in this weather though so I'm going to dig through the fridge and cupboards and figure something out. It's going to be warm and tasty though!! FH leaves for sea tomorrow so I go back to worrying about fruit and healthy eats after I drop him off... Pin It


tash said...

I hope you feel better soon!

That meal sounds amazing! I am drooling thinking about lobster and steak . . . .

Natalie said...

yum yum yum. Your dinner sounds amazing . I hope you feel better soon though, take it easy!

Jen said...

Your dinner sounds SOOOOOO Yummy!!!!

I have ONE east coast visit and ONE west coast visit this year....I see LOTS of yummy seafood in my near future!!!

I hope you feel better soon!!!! Drink lots of tea and have FH pamper you before he heads back out!

Nancy said...

Get better soon! I've been sick for what feels like forever and I know how much it sucks.

Angie All The Way said...

Honestly, it's a good thing that you didn't come because this was class was tough! Having your head all congested like that wouldn't have been fun at all! Thankfully, my sinuses are FINALLY clearing up and they didn't bother me, but if you feel remotely like did when we did breathing spaces, it was a good choice not to go!

OMG what friggin restaurant is on half price lobster???

Fatinah said...

feel better soon!

Carolyn said...

Glad you and FH had a great dinner out, sounds sooo yummy! Sucks that he's going back out to sea....I feel for ya!

Hope you are feeling better soon!!!

Cat_82 said...

Feel better sweetie pie! Gets lots of rest and drink lots of fluids!!

Make a cozy bed on the couch with a glass of OJ and some tea within arms reach and snooze away!