Friday, January 16, 2009


As I sit here drinking a second cup of coffee, after enjoying leftover chicken noodle soup, cheese, pickles and occurs to me that maybe I should throw a bottle of water into the mix. The extreme cold weather the last few days, coupled with the heat being on full time lately, has really dried me out. My cuticles hurt. So I'm thinking caffeine and salt probably aren't the answer. I am soooo smart. ;)

Yesterday was a bit of a bomb plan-wise. I got myself a "treat" of diet Orange Crush (thanks to Angie I've been craving this) and a bag of Swedish Berries. Mistakenly I brought the whole bag of candy up to my office while I finished my work day and oooooops at the whole thing. Gah. 500+ calories. Oh well. Shit happens right? At least I'd had a 500 cal workout in the morning.

So today will be a better day...although it's Friday and I do like to have a treat on Friday. I guess I'll have to tough it out...FH is still sickypants so at least he probably won't want treats of any sort and I won't get sucked in due to my lack of weekend willpower. I want to save my remaining flex points for whatever we decide to do tomorrow and/or Sunday. FH is leaving again for a month so we are planning some kind of date night...dinner out and maybe a movie or something. Definitely a few drinkypoos.

Breakfast was pretty much non-existant this morning due to getting up later than usual and then heading out for a doctor's appointment. I ate an All Bran bar in the car. Not the best way to start out so I'm trying to make sure to get back on a proper timeline. Today is supposed to be a Shred day but FH is home so that's sort of negated...I kinda want to try to get to the gym instead, but dammit I'm working!

Menu plan thus far:

- All Bran bar
- 2 x coffee with brown sugar & skim milk
- leftover chicken noodle soup
- 1 oz light cheddar, pickles, crackers, 2 tbsp hummus, carrots
- watermelon
- planning the roast beef sammiches for dinner (ended up doing ham & cheese last night)...i'm thinking with some beef au jus...a la beef dip!
- maybe some salad
- tea & chocolate zucchini bran muffin

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Cat_82 said...

I'm bad for that too....if I have the entire bag in front of me, I'll just eat away at it until it's gone.....and I'll hardly notice it.

Good job on getting in that work out though dear!!

Marissa said...

I'm the same way with the whole bag thing, especially if I'm dipping my hands in the bag and doing something else at the same time.

amric1409 said...

Cool blog :-) Those damn 'berry' candies will get you every time. I once ate a whole bag of fat free ones only to discover there were 100 calories per 7 candies!!

Espressomama said...

Swedish Berry "Crack". My nemesis. DH took my bag from me last week and split it into individual servings that I could "ask for" (read beg for) through the week. I didn't crack last week, but did last night for a treat. Splitting into individual servings really does work. I felt weird opening a second bag.