Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Three posts in one day. Oh my! It occurs to me that I blathered on about groceries and my new doctor but failed to give my usual daily update. So here you have it.

Yesterday was extremely productive. Not only did I finally get back to my chiro (it's been two months!) and finally hit up the good grocery store, but I also got to the gym for a fan-freaking-tastic cardio session and I amazed even myself with a yummy off-the-cuff homemade chowder.

Due to my earlier errands, my work day ran long...but I was smart enough to eat a decent sized late lunch so I wouldn't run out of steam for the gym or have to eat dinner before I could go. Instead, I set about making the chowder while finishing up work for the day so it would be ready to chow down when I got home. I set myself a goal of being at the gym for 7:00pm and low and behold wouldn't you know what time I hopped on the first machine....7:00pm!

I was concerned when I got there because the place was PACKED. Mondays in January...doesn't seem to matter what time you go, it's nuts. Again though, I lucked out...when I came out of the change room there was one good elliptical that had just become vacant...perfect, just what I wanted! I hopped on and did a nice 5 minute warm-up, then pushed myself to really get the heart going for 15 minutes on the cross-country setting (basically it's difficulty intervals)...and I finally found the best ramp height for me to work my preferred areas (tush and calves)....finished up with a backwards moderate cooldown. When I finished there the place had cleared out a little so I had no problem getting a treadmill, where I planned to work on running intervals again. I started with a quick paced 2 minute walk and then went straight into running. I had planned to do 2:1, but when I got to 2 minutes I felt fine and kept going ... to 5 minutes!! I know to some of you that's nothing, but that's the best I've done in almost a year. So excited! So, I kept going on the intervals, running 2-3 minutes broken up with 1-2 minute walks....for 20 minutes. Ended with a 5 minute cooldown. I felt exhausted and great. I wanted to do 10 minutes on the stair climber but all three were taken, so instead I did 3 sets of different crunches and called it a day.

Came home to a long, hot shower and a big bowl of my seafood chowder and some toast. Yummmm! I had originally planned to do the Shred too, but I'm learning really fast that Shredding and gym on the same days is just too much. Alternating it is! So tonight will be the Shred. We are supposedly getting snow tonight anyway, so this is a good reason not to go to the gym. :)

Today's eats are a little buggered up due to a late start and that doctor's appointment that sucked up most of my mid-day. I think I've worked it out though...

- Fibre Source granola bar in car
- large coffee with raw sugar and 10% cream from Second Cup (this was an NSV...I was fricking starving when I finally got out of the dr's office at 12:45...and I walked straight through the middle of the food court at Pete's)
- leftover dill potato salad (1/2 small container)
- Garden of Eatin multigrain tortilla chips (1/2 serving...12 chips) with Pete's garlic salsa & 1 tbsp light sour cream
- 2 fresh Medjool dates
- Ya-ya pear with 1 tbsp almond butter
- seafood chowder with toasted tomato sammich
- ff Activia lemon yogurt with fresh blackberries & sprinkle of cereal
- 99 cal bag of Walker's baked chips

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Angie All The Way said...

Yup the Shred needs a day all to herself! I just did it again tonight. Damn I tuff! :-P

I'm sort of considering "not" joining a gym after this membership expires. Am I nuts? I'm thinking that I'll assess how this whole elliptical/shred/yoga classes keep going and see whether the gym on top of that might just be a waste of money. I figure I can still do "drop ins" even if they're like $15 because I'd only be doing it to "change it up" ya know? It beats the $50/month if I only go once or twice per month if I feel like it? We'll see how it all goes. It will also depend on what the big guys says about my Section B coverage and whether or not he wants me going to the gym on the gym membership. I hate the January eager gym goers....agh

Espressomama said...

Hmm, gotta get myself into a Shred routine. I've been doing OK on the cardio, even with the cold - pup has to be walked and thankfully the Sportsplex has a track that is $2 for a drop-in. I'm not hard core enough for -25 runs.

Sounds like you have a fabulous day!

Sarah said...

You know what I think is kind of amusing? That bag of chips is only 99 calories. That company just had to one-up all those 100 calories snacks!

I have shred now. I haven't tried it yet. Maybe tonight is the night! We'll see if BF doesn't hog the good TV all night!

Carolyn said...

My gym is PACKED after work in January. The rest of the year it's no trouble at all getting a machine, luckily the lunch crowd has basically stayed the same so I don't notice it too much.

We have a Pete's Frootique here too! Love it but ours is only open in the Spring/Summer and Fall. Boo.

Glad you got in to see the Doc! Ewww PAPs. Hate those damn things.