Monday, January 26, 2009


I always mean to take my vitamins but I have to admit that they always fall to the sidelines and I think it really has to do with my disinterest in standing at the bathroom sink with a handfull of oversized pills every day. The only one I ever take with any regularity is Vitamin C because it's chewable and tastes like tropical punch. I should also be taking a multivitamin and a calcium supplement because I don't usually get enough calcium from my day-to-day dairy/veggie intake. I once bought those chocolate flavored chewable calcium squares, which did the trick, but they are like 3-4 times the price of just buying the pills so I tried to switch back. Didn't work.

Recently I saw an ad in a magazine for chewable gummy multivitamins for adults and was really excited until I noticed the ad stating they were only available at Target. Boooooo. However, while wandering the aisles at Costco the other night I found them. VitaFusion MultiVites. For about $12 I got a bottle of 200, so that is just over a 3 month supply....about on par pricewise with most any good multivitamin.

Now if only I could find a reasonably priced calcium alternative!

Yesterday I hit up the warm yoga class at Breathing Spaces with Angie and Farm Girl again. I loved it even more than last invigorating and relaxing all at the same time. We all got 10-class passes so I'm looking forward to going again and also trying out another type of class. So fun!

Today I plan to hit the gym for one hour of cardio, then come home and do the Shred.

I remembered to weigh in this morning (forgot last week)....I am down 1.6 from two weeks ago but that just puts me back to where I was at the start of the month so I'm still working on another 2-4 pounds. I'm guessing the pack of peanut butter cups I ate last night probably isn't helping! Aside from that and a few drinks on Friday I have been really good this last week though so I'm planning to keep it up!

Today's menu...

- 1 cup coffee
- Organic Daybreak cereal with unsweetened vanilla Almond Breeze
- 2 x fresh Medjool dates
- 1/2 banana
- quesadilla made with small ww tortilla, 1 oz skim mozza, sprinkle fresh parm, bacon bits, green onions, tomato...with salsa & light sour cream
- baby carrots & celery stix with hummus
- homemade seafood chowder with toast
- ff vanilla Activia yogurt with blackberries

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Lex said...

Ohhhh I am going to Costco tonight! I will have to pick up a bottle of those multivitamins!!!! I have the same problems as you with taking vitamins.... I had chewable multivitamins from Shoppers, but they kind of tasted like chalk, and I never took those either.
Nice find!!

Angie All The Way said...

I have never heard of those cool vitamins. I can never seem to take mine on a regular basis either! I have them RIGHT THERE beside the stove where I prepare my breakfast and is staring me in the face and I still don't take them. I think it's just that I hate taking pills! Dumb eh?

I am SORE from yoga yesterday SORE! Love it though!

Roxy said...

Chewy vitamens or nice flavored ones are totally the way to go- I hate taking pills.

Marissa said...

I had chewable vitamins for a while that I much easier to take and to make myself take them. Let me know if you find a good calcium vitamin...I like the chocolate square things but they are expensive!

farm girl. said...

oh!! I'll have to find these ones - mine are chewables, but are a chalky berry flavor. these look so much better!

tash said...

Gummy vitamins! Exciting! I take all my pills when I take my birth control pill - that way i never forget :)

Cat_82 said...

Great job on the 1.6 loss my dear Jaime! That's awesone! Why are peanut butter cups so effing good? I would dare someone to open a pack and just eat's impossible!

I take my giant 'one a day womans' every morning with my anxiety meds...I keep them in one of those day of the week pill boxes and just down them after I brush my teeth.... I feel better knowing I'm getting all the help from the vitamins when I can't or don't eat properly!

I still love Flintstone vitamins. When I had mono a few years ago, my mom bought me Flintstones vitamins to bribe me into taking regular vitamins as well.....They don't even taste good.....I just love those little things!

Krista said...

We have those vitamins too! Shawn can't swallow any kind of pill (the big baby) so we got the gummy ones for him!

carla said...

I need to get better too.
Im great at the tums taking (calcium) but not so much the vitamins...

marie said...

I put mine next to my coffee maker so that I never forget ;)

Christy said...

Mmm gummy vitamins. Can you really eat just one? :P