Thursday, January 22, 2009

White Stuff

It's snowing AGAIN. Bloody hell. It doesn't look like it will amount to anything, but geeeeeeze.

Last night I worked until like midnight. Nutty. My own fault for starting late, but also because there just seems to be a lot of loose ends, etc lately. I've been fairly productive today but I could still easily sit here all night. I'm somewhat tempted to do it just to finally get caught up, but we shall see. I'd really like to get to the gym for some easy cardio and a set of strength training...I'm missing it big time. I'll definitely be doing a Shred if I stay home to work though.

The funny part about the Shred is that I have to do it in our living room and we have a HUGE window in there. It's up pretty high, but the way the houses are across the street they can basically see right in. Far enough away not to see anything specific, but they'd definitely notice me jumping-jacking around like a mad fool. haha. Yes, I could close the blinds, but that's effort I just don't feel like doing every day.

We finally chose the resort for our upcoming Dominican trip. I'll give all the details once it's booked and there are no changes...tomorrow I figure. I'm so excited and if a beach vacation isn't motivation to Shred and hit the gym regularly then I don't know what is! The drag is that our dates overlap with the beautiful Jen's planned Halifax visit, but with FH's crazy Navy schedule I didn't have a choice. Boooo. Hopefully we can work something out.

My fridge is crazy full for some reason. I guess I got carried away with groceries this last week or two, sorta forgetting that FH would be leaving. This is good because this week's grocery shop can probably stay under $20 for milk and a couple of recipe-completing items. This is bad because things are already starting to go bad so I have to carefully chose what to eat up opened brand new yogurt last night and it was already expired! oooooops. But it's still good so far because it wasn't open so hopefully I don't have to waste it. I would hate that.

Anywho, all that work ain't gonna do itself so back to it I go.

Today's menu:

- coffee
- zucchini chocolate bran muffin
- fresh cherries
- homemade cauliflower soup with fresh parmesan, multigrain toast with Olivina margarine
- marinated grilled pork loin chop, hugeass salad
- ff vanilla Activia yogurt with fresh blackberries Pin It

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Carolyn said...

OHHHHHHH When is Jenn going to Halifax? Maybe I could make it over at the same time?? But if you're going to be in DR. Hmmmm.

Which resort are you going to? Scott and I have been to DR twice and loved it both times! So excited for you!