Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Yesterday afternoon I remembered that I needed to pick up my Twinrix vaccine and stop by the clinic to get my first shot....so I decided I should do it on my way to the gym, since the clinic is literally next door. Of course, being 5:30 there was an hour wait at the clinic...but the girl said that I could leave my name and come back in 45 minutes if I wanted, so that's what I did. I didn't want to wait an hour for a 3 minute appointment when I could be doing something constructive. So I modified my workout plan. I was already dressed and ready, so I went straight in, dropped off my purse & coat, then hit the treadmill.

I got a solid 25 minutes in. Warmed up, then ran TEN MINUTES straight (that's my recent best), followed by intervals for another ten minutes....running as long as I could before taking a walking break. In total I think I ran 16 minutes. This gave me time for three sets of crunches alternated with three sets of squats. Did a quick stretching cooldown, fixed my hair, grabbed my stuff and was back in the clinic waiting room within exactly 45 minutes (slightly sweaty but I'm sure the doctor has dealt with worse!).

Since I missed out on my strength training I decided to do some yoga later before bed. I still had Power Flow #3 from yogadownload.com to try. It is an introduction to power yoga...walking you easily through Sun Salutations A & B...lots of bends and downward dogs....much more my speed. A good workout without knocking me off balance!

Due to my busy day, I managed to stay strictly OP. I even stuck to my promise to myself to get to bed at a normal time. I did my yoga around 10pm, had my tea, watched one more Gilmore Girls, and was in bed by 11:15 reading my book. My light was out by midnight....first time since FH left! Got up early this morning to finally go get my blood tests done (I've been procrastinating on it for a couple of weeks and keep forgetting I have to fast for it) but when I got there the clinic was closed for some reason. Slightly annoying that I got up and got ready only to have to come home, but oh well. Excuse for Starbucks of course!

Today's plan...

Gym: 45 minutes cardio, crunches, bum exercises, upper body strength
Yoga: another session of Power Flow #3


- 1/2 banana bread Larabar
- Starbucks grande non-fat 1/2 sweet black tea latte
- 1/2 apple, 1/2 banana
- oatmeal made with water, vanilla Almond Breeze, raisins, & wheat berries
- carrots & homemade onion dip
- 1/2 granola bar pre-gym
- cabbage casserole, salad with "goddess dressing"
- kiwi with Liberte Svelt vanilla yogurt
- tea

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Shirls said...

I love an excuse for starbucks ;0) at the clinic you should ask for a nurse appt. vs a doc one (if its the second or more shot) then the wait is super short, or at least it was when I did the Twinrix :0)

Lainey said...

What's in your cabbage casserole? I make one that's "lazy man's cabbage rolls." Is that what you make?

Cat_82 said...

Ahh...that's the great thing about having a mom that is a nurse...she does all my shots for me....!

Great job staying on track all day!

Jen said...

Hm, I should try the power yoga!! I don't like the balancing poses either!

And you are SUCH a rockstar taking advantage of the wait time at the clinic!!!

tash said...

Great running!