Friday, February 06, 2009


That's my problem area. My buns. Kind of flat and droopy. Especially since I lost weight...funny enough I actually like my buns better when they had some meat on em! I'm always looking for a way to perk those babies up!

So yesterday I asked Eurydice about the bum exercises she often mentions, and today she posted about them. They look great, so I'll give those a go at the gym tomorrow for sure.

I also tried the Yoga for Buns #1 from last night. Let me tell you that this session is too advanced for me just yet (my own fault, as it is labelled level 4 advanced intermediate!). It is a power vinyasa yoga session with a bit too much speed and far too much balancing for me. I will have to take a couple of steps back and try a few other sessions to get my balance up to par before trying this one again. Today I will try the Power Yoga #3 which is level 2 advanced beginner...much more my style (I hope!).

Yesterday was another great on plan day. I was really starting to slip in the late afternoon...even so far as to talk myself out of going to the gym just for a couple of minutes...but once I got up and walked away from my desk I decided to walk straight to my bedroom and put my gym clothes on. Once I stepped outside to warm up the car and happily realized I didn't need to shovel or scrape anything I was back on board! So off to the gym I went for a full hour of cardio and two crunch sessions.

I did a quick walking warm-up on the treadmill....then varied interval runs....quite proud that my first stint of running was SEVEN MINUTES! I ran for as long as I could...then stop for a walk when I felt a stitch coming on. For the remainder of the 25 minutes I ran 2-3-or-4 minutes with no more than 1 minute recoveries in between. Then I hopped over to the elliptical for varied inclines and resistance intervals for another 25 minutes. In between and at the end I did my crunches...3 sets of 3 different kinds. I skipped the stairmaster because there was an instructor showing newbies around and they were in my way. Then came home for dinner and shower and some relaxation before doing the 20 minutes of yoga before bed.

Today will just be to try the new yoga since I'm heading out tonight. I'll fit it in this afternoon for a little break from work. Tomorrow back to the gym for lots of cardio and new bum exercises.

Today's menu:

- coffeeeeeeeeeeeee
- Organic Daybreak cereal with vanilla Almond Breeze
- last of the fresh strawberries & blackberries
- leftover Italian Wedding soup, toast with hummus & tomatoes
- 1/2 apple with 1oz light cheddar
- leftover beef stew with added frozen veggies
- heading out for drinks with some friends from Victoria! Pin It


Jen said...

I am so glad that Eurydice posted those exercises!! I would love to have a nice tush! Seriously!

you are pretty awesome for going to the gym when you didn't want to!!! AND you rocked it while you were there!!!

have fun tonight girl!

eurydice said...

oooh thanks for the shout out. my buns are still a little droopy (boo hoo hoo) but look alright when covered. i think it takes some exercises in combo with bum cardio - like walking/running/lunges, etc. i wish i appreciated my bum more when i was a teenager!

Cat_82 said...

Um.....I'd commit murder for your ass....