Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Cookie Monster

I was going to use the title "Cookies for Breakfast" but the auto-complete tells me I've used that before. Hmm....I'm sensing an issue.

So it was crazy after 7pm...when I finally finished work last night. I was starving and in no mood for the gym. I hate when that happens. I hastily reheated some casserole for dinner, but didn't bother making my salad. Of course, I ate so fast that I thought I was still hungry and polished off a bowl of chips and dip too. Not the end of the world had I gone to work out, but now I had a full stomach so running wasn't the least bit appealing. I convinced myself I would do some yoga later but you know how it goes when you are grumpy. Ya, so instead I made cookies.

I definitely ate a few too many but trust me it could have been much worse. By the time I was done baking I was in a better mood (baking is soooo my stress releiver) so I wasn't eating them just out of boredom. Whew. Of course, I ended up having two for breakfast with my coffee this morning and two more with lunch. :) Points-wise I actually came out on the low side. Health-wise definitely not my best day.

Damage control: I packed up a dozen and took them to my neighbor. I have another dozen in the freezer. And one more dozen for some friends. That only leaves a few on the plate which I'll eat up tonight and be done with. :)

Long day today but I'm already in my workout pants so I'm going to change my shirt, wash my face and head to the gym right now. I promised myself another good running practice and some bum exercises today. If I feel like doing more than that, then that's just a bonus.


- coffee, two cookies
- coffee, two cookies
- small ww tortilla with smear of hummus, light cheddar, tomatoes and shredded carrots
- golden delicious apple
- 100 cal cottage cheese cup
- leftover homemade seafood chowder (from freezer), tossed salad with oil & vinegar & soynuts
- tea, two cookies

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Angie All The Way said...

I've been wanting to break in my harley davidson stand mixer to do some baking but I am always afraid that I'll be surrounded by toooo many baked goods! I did WAYYYYYY too much eating of crap this week WAYYYYYY tooooo much!!! agh~!

Jen said...

Um, that's pretty good to squeeze those cookies in! Seriously...I would have just considered the bank broken and let all hell break loose!!!!

I need you in fort mac to kick my butt!