Friday, February 20, 2009


How is it that I'm getting sick even after an almost perfectly clean week? Look at my menus...I've eaten salad every night since like Sunday and my fruit intake is higher than it has been in ages and I've been getting some form of good exercise every day. Yet, while lying in bed last night I could feel a scratchy throat coming on and now I can feel it moving to my sinuses. Just in time for FH to come home on Monday. Yippee. So, water and Vitamin C are my friend today.

I blame the shoveling in 80km/hour winds and blowing icy rain last night.

Ya, it took me three attempts to get all of the shoveling done. First time out, my fingertips froze so fast I barely got around the car done...20 mins max. Then about an hour later, I tried again and lasted another 20 mins. So after dinner I dug around in the closet, found a second pair of gloves and layered them up with a couple of those hand warmer thingies and finally managed to stay out there a full 30 mins and get the driveway cleared. Who needs a workout after that? Not me!

I've already been back out there this morning for another 20 mins clearing the pile of heavy, soggy crap the plow left at 2am too. And now they are telling me we are in for more of this on Sunday! Farm Girl was right....FH will be cabbing home from the ship and shoveling his way in to see me.

OK, enough snow rants for today. Nine storms this season, I guess you guys are probably sick of hearing about it!

No big plans on the agenda for today. Just another work day of getting through some paperwork and continuing to clear up my desk. Love that my new computer takes up so much less desk real estate! Since I didn't work out last night due to all of the shoveling I am planning to head to the gym tonight for some more treadmill work, bum exercises, and another attempt at deadlifts. We will see how this throat/sinus thing plays out...if I'm hurting then I may switch from treadmill to yoga instead. Have to be feeling tip top for my breakfast with the blog girls tomorrow morning!

Today's menu plan...

- coffeeeeee with brown sugar & skim
- 2 x banana oatmeal muffins
- 1/2 grapefruit
- seafood chowder (from freezer), baked rice Krisps
- last of the fruit salad
- ciabatta sammich w/ smoked deli turkey, light cheddar, salad greens, red onion, honey dijon served with brocolli/cauliflower & lemon dill hummus
- tea & muffin
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JavaChick said...

Heard the phrase '10th winter storm' on the radio this morning, on the way in to work. Not sure if that was referring to yesterday or if we're getting another one...

We couldn't get up our drive yesterday, had to park the car halfway up (where it was stuck) and wait for the guy to come plow us out. We have not only our driveway, but the access drive down to the road which is not plowed by the city, so we don't shovel; it would take us forever!

Bi0nicw0man said...

When we were househunting, we found a GORGEOUS huge place out in Sackville. We opted against it for two reasons....1) commute for FH and 2) it had a major access road with an easement that would require paying someone to plow every time. Sooooo glad we made that decision now that I see how much $$$ it would have cost!

Angie All The Way said...

I have nothing to do with the snow whatsoever at our house. If there's one thing that I completely dump on hubby is the snow. I friggin do everything else and at least he does that much! lol Although he did try and get out of it last night coaxing me to car pool with him in "the truck" and just drive through it! Pfffffffft!

Bi0nicw0man said...

Oh Angie, that sounds so fab. If only I had someone to hand it off to on a regular basis!

Lynn said...

There's no one at all in your neighborhood that can plow you out for a few bucks? It sounds miserable. :( Spring can't get here soon enough.

I hope you're feeling better by tomorrow!

Bi0nicw0man said...

Lynn, funny enough...not once has anyone knocked on our door to see if we want help. I figured being suburbia and all, kids would be pounding down the street to earn a few bucks. Nope. Sadly, most people probably think it's a small driveway...and it really is (you could plow the mouth, but the rest has to be shoveled)...but I've had to do it by myself all season (with a buggered shoulder)and I'm just sooo over it.

Cat_82 said...

That is SO awesome that you've worked so many F&V into your diet! You've done SO amazing this week Jaime!

How exciting is it that FH is coming home on Monday? How long has it been since he was home last?

Sorry to hear about all the ass-weather you guys have had...come back to BC! It's been sunny and like....+12 every day this week! BC MISSES YOU!!!!!!