Saturday, February 28, 2009

Foggy Skies

What a dismal day outside! Funny enough, I'm in a pretty good mood though. Must be cuz it's the weekend and work is a distant memory for the moment. :)

Last night FH went to meet up with a friend for some beers, so I took the time to finish work, hit the gym, get cleaned up, then meet them later. Fridays at the gym are so nice. Nice and quiet even at 5:30. Personally I like working out on Fridays because then I don't feel quite so guilty about any weekend treats I decide to partake's just a matter of finding the time really...and this week it worked out great.

I had a GREAT run on the treadmill. Had I not been meeting FH and under a bit of a time crunch I totally would have stayed to run longer. I did my usual 5 minute incline warm-up, then set to running for as long as I could....usually I do 5 minutes, Thursday I managed 6 minutes, last night I made it to TEN minutes. Go me! Rested for only a 1 minute walk, then finished out the remaining 4 minutes running...then did sprint intervals for the cooldown portion on the treadmill timer. (I do hate that it automatically goes into cooldown mode and shuts off at 25 even if you have time and there is no one waiting for the equipment, you still have to break to reset and start up again.) Anyway, I did a total of 16 minutes of running. Baby steps, but getting better all the time. Followed up with a set of bum exercises and three sets of crunches.

When I met up with the boys they were three sheets to the wind...haha. So I opted for one drink (vodka/soda) and by then I was starving so ordered myself a hamburger and salad. Now normally I would order my burger with cheese, mayo and probably bacon...but I took this one as it came...just ketchup and veggies...and it was really good. I even ditched about 1/3 of the bun because it was too big and unnecessary. The salad was perfect and it came with just a toss of balsamic vinegrette. Nice. Later when we got home I opted for a cup of tea before bed, while normally I would be perusing the cupboards for a sweet treat. :)

This morning FH was feeling the need for the "morning-after" breakfast so I agreed to a meal at our favorite greasy spoon. I did overindulge, but having said that it was a late breaky and no lunch was required so it all sort of works out. I had a great mushroom & cheddar omelette, 1 slice of toast, about 1/2 my pan fries, and some bacon. Later when we stopped at Starbucks I remembered that I've already had a big treat for today so opted for just a regular coffee with my usual bit of raw sugar and skim milk. I really just feel soooooo on my game!!

Now I'm off to the gym, and since I've got extra time I'm hoping to go that extra distance on my treadmill run today! Plus some extra upper body strength and maybe a stint on the Stairclimber or Rowing machine.

Dinner will be perogies, but I'm only having 4 with a bit of salami and a huge side of veggies! Pin It


eurydice said...

it all sounds very sensible to me. i love having a bigger breakfast on the weekend since usually i'm combining breakfast and lunch. way to go on the treadmill, too. ten minutes is LONG!

Jen said...

HOLY Friggin moly!!! You did awesome!!

I am the same way, I love having a big breakfast every once in a while and then I just have a snack in the afternoon and a good dinner!!! AWESOME!

carla said...

how was the rest of the weekend?
the treadmill?

JavaChick said...

I gave up on the running for a while because one of my knees was bothering me, but I've started up again recently and I'm doing the same thing - I do run (jog really, at the pace I'm going right now) for as long as I can, then walk for a bit, then run. I got up to 8 minutes for my first jogging interval on Saturday and I was quite happy. I think this works much better for me than the couch to 5k thing.

Angie All The Way said...

You are a frikkin exercise machine these days! I want that missing link! You're hoggin all the exercise mojo! ;-P