Friday, February 13, 2009


FH has been gone three weeks now. I'm definitely at that hump I hit when he goes away. Bored, lonely, grumpy. It's not helping that tomorrow is happy heart day and because it's a Saturday everyone is busy. Couple that with some girly drama, then some extra cookies, and beating myself up for said drama and cookies and you get a cranky girl. Can I say bah-humbug in February?

*ptttthhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh* no activity for me yesterday. The weather here was dismal, hazy and gross so I didn't have any desire to leave the house. Honestly I had planned to set up my new computer and do some downloaded yoga last night, but once I got comfy with the remote and the leftover cookies (ya, the bag that I put aside for friends is now gone) I didn't accomplish much of anything. The computer and monitor are out of their boxes and I did vacuum so I suppose that's something, but not the something it was supposed to be.

Today is a new day, right? I got a lot of work done yesterday so hopefully nothing too major pops up today and I can continue to work on getting that new computer running. Once I do, I will definitely do some yoga because I don't have time for the gym today. Tonight I'm going for dinner and a movie with a bunch of girlfriends (premiere of Confessions of a Shopaholic!!) so I want to be out of this funk and feeling good before I go. Yoga should help!

Enough whining. Today's menu...

- coffeeeeeeeeeeeee (I should have made a double batch!)
- oatmeal with vanilla Almond Breeze, banana, cinnamon, wheat berries, and a drizzle of vanilla yogurt
- small ww tortilla grilled with tomatoes, spinach, shredded carrot & light cheddar (I heart my Griddler)
- golden delicious apple
- dinner at Jack Astors (I'm thinking salad and one martini)
- water and some kind of candy treat at the movies Pin It


Lex said...

Thanks for the comments! I appreciate it. I think I was a bit of a selfish complainer last night, and although I am more pissed at the MOH's influence, I am sure something can be worked out.

The weather HAS been crapola. I had a huge headache yesterday which I will swear is the weather's fault!

Enjoy the movie! I have been dying to see it!

Cat_82 said...

I think you're such a strong woman and I admire you so much. I was a wreck without Mike for one week when he went on his cruise, and you do it for long stretches and I think that you're just so amazing and wonderful.

Hang in there Jaime, you're doing amazingly well!