Saturday, February 21, 2009

Long Post

I finished up a ton of work yesterday, so around 4:00 I "treated" myself to an early trip to the gym. I know, a "treat"! ha! I figured I might as well go and get it done with so I could relax and enjoy the rest of my Friday night. Not that I had any big plans, but I was looking forward to a date with my sofa.

I did exactly the same thing I did on Thursday....nice, solid interval run on the treadmill followed by crunches and bum exercises. I made a quick attempt at deadlifts again, but I feel like I'm going to hurt my back so I need to stop one of the trainers and get them to show me the correct method.

Made a stop at the
Bulk Barn on the way home, and while there I got myself a couple little treats and let me tell you how proud I am that I only ate exactly what I planned and haven't just rampaged through them. :) I had the 10 previously mentioned Easter malt eggs while I watched TV last night and taste tested a few of the dry roasted peanuts and chocolatey snack mix, but that was all. Good girl!

After my late shower and comfy time on the sofa, I came up to peruse some more. Unfortunately the site was having some display issues, so I didn't spend a lot of time looking. Instead I opted to download two more freebies that I could see the descriptions for....Detox #1 and Lunar Flow #1. I decided to try out the Detox practice before bed, and aside from the crazy Warrior 3 that I sooooo cannot do yet, it was a good session. Lots of twists and folds for cleansing the was great after the week of working out I've had.

This morning I got up early to meet
Tasha, Lynn, Farm Girl, and Angie downtown for breaky. To read the story of our day head on over to Angie's blog or Lynn's blog since they have both already documented our day's escapades. :) Leave it to a group of food bloggers to spend their girl time eating at Cora's, drinking at Starbucks, and grocery shopping at Pete's Frootique!

During our trip to Pete's I picked up a few veggies...avocados because I've been on a real mexi kick lately, brussel sprouts because they were so beautiful, fresh carrots because I love me some good carrots with hummus (which is waiting patiently in the fridge). Lynn pointed out a new caramel flavor of Liberte yogurt, so I grabbed that and then I also finally got to partake of the Pete's cheese counter because FH will finally be home on Monday (yaaaaieeeee!!) and we always have a wine & cheese dinner to celebrate his return. I got four kinds of cheese, a couple of links of our favorite salami, and a loaf of dense cheesy bread. I will add some olives and crackers and fruit to the plate when it's time to serve. FH is in charge of the vino. I also picked up ONE beautiful truffle from the fancy chocolate was perfect and yummy! I could have eaten a whole selection but I bought just one and I'm glad I did.

By the time I got home I was feeling tired and lazy, but I chugged some water and made a small snack of deli turkey and pickles with a handful of the dry roasted peanuts and felt much better. So I changed my clothes and hauled myself off to the gym after about an hour of downtime. 6:00 on a Saturday night and the gym was a ghost town. Guess there's only a few of us lame-o's with nothing better to do on a Saturday evening. haha.

So I hit the treadmill again because that seems to be the cardio of choice this week. Warmed up and got running, doing the same interval pattern that worked so well the last two days. I decided to make today a longer session so when I finished up my 25 minutes I jumped over to the elliptical and did another 25 minutes there on the interval setting. Finished up with the ever popular bum exercises and crunches.

Came home and made another nice big salad with ranch & salsa, alongside a couple of baked chicken nuggets and Superfries. Sort of seems to be my "avoid the fast food" meal of late, and although it's not the healthiest choice it works out quite calorie friendly considering.

Had myself a nice long bath, read a couple of magazines, enjoyed a dessert of a
banana oatmeal muffin topped with some of the new chocolate PB2 I procured from Angie today. That's right another pb2 fan in the house! Angie has done a great job promoting this stuff!

And now after this lengthy post I am off to bed. Tomorrow is warm yoga and a few chores and errands.
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Lynn said...

I had an awesome time yesturday!! It's great that you got to the gym after being out all day.... I only had the energy to workout for 30 mins last night ;)

Julie said...

I wish I did not live 2 1/2 hour away from you guys... I would love to meet the gang at Pete's.( I hate not having a Pete's here)

I love how you discovered the Bulk Barn. Too many yummy things in there.