Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Morning After

Last night was a raging success of course! How could it not be with my honey home, some tasty treats, good chat and good cuddles?! I overindulged in the pre-wine cocktails (a variation on a Cosmo) but wised up later in the evening and drank some water instead of letting FH fill my wine glass again. :) Unfortunately that cold I mentioned a few days ago is really trying to take hold now but I'm fighting it every step of the way. That mixed with the drinks made for a bit of a rough night of sleeping, but now that I'm up and about I feel not too shabby.

Had to get up a bit early this morning to start some work before heading off to a 10:30 appointment. So I got ready right away to start feeling human (don't you just feel better when your face is washed and your hair is done and you've put on your nice pants?). Started my morning with lots of water and a pink grapefruit...seriously great because normally I'd be straight to the Coke or something made with bacon when I have a hangover...but because I reminded myself this is no slacker weekend and I'm on a healthy roll I happily ate my fruit and felt extra good because of it.

Not sure what I'll do about exercise today. My brain tells me that I should head to the gym for a run and a bit of strength training, but of course I'd rather stay home with FH so we shall see. I'm sure I can squeak an hour out between work hours and dinner though so that will be the goal. If all else fails, a yogadownload can always been fit in before bed.

Today's menu...

- grapefruit
- Fibre Source granola bar (in the car)
- large Second Cup coffee w/ raw sugar & skim milk
- lunch snack plate: lemon dill hummus, 1 oz salami, 1 oz very stinky blue cheese, 1/2 slice cheese bread, carrots stix, baby tomatoes, grapes
- banana oatmeal muffin w/ PB2
- steak (tenderloin! on the Griddler), baked potato, roasted brussel sprouts
- blackberries & non-fat Activia yogurt

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eurydice said...

nice one on the grapefruit... sounds like a good evening with your man... ooh la la.

Krista said...


Roxy said...

So happy your FH is home! Isnt it great to say FH!!

Vanessa said...

"Don't you just feel better when your face is washed and your hair is done and you've put on your nice pants?"

Yes! Works every time!

Lex said...

Great choice with the grapefruit! I haven't had one in ageeeeees, and I see you and Angie talking about them and I get all drooly!

Jen said...

you are so awesome! I would be ALL about the egg mcmuffin after a good drunk!!!

and I am certain that you squeaked in a workout, you are awesome like that!

Julie said...

Good for you for grapefuit on the morning hangover. I would have drove myself to McDonalds.

Happy to hear you FH is back!