Thursday, February 26, 2009

Noon Yoga

FH rented us a couple of movies for last night so I didn't have time for yoga before bed like I had hoped. I mean, I could have squeeeezed something in but I doubt it would have been very relaxing knowing that I was keeping FH waiting so I didn't do it. I had a great chiropractor session and didn't want to ruin that with any bizarre stretches or poses anyway, so really it all worked out.

So instead I opted to do a session of Power Yoga #3 from today before I made my lunch. Excellent option. I had already done my morning emails and work, it had been a couple of hours since breakfast, and FH had gone out to do some shopping. Glad I did it. I've mentioned before that I like this practice because it is somewhat of an introduction to Sun Salutations and isn't too strenuous or too simple. I do need to get on downloading a longer version though.

I will still hit the gym after work for my treadmill cardio and strength training. We are going to the movies with friends tonight but not until the late show so I have plenty of time for a workout, dinner and shower before meeting them. I like the idea of a later dinner anyway as it will keep me from being hungry at the movie theatre. I plan to pack along my trusty lululemon water bottle and some sort of 100cal snack from home. Movie theatre overpriced greasy popcorn be damned!

Today's eats...

- coffeeeeee w/ demerara & skim
- 100gr Liberte Mediterranee Dulce de Leche yogurt w/ 1/2 banana sliced
- banana oatmeal muffin (sooooo good dipped in the yogurt)
- tossed salad sprinkled with shredded cheddar and mixed with salsa & 1 tsp light sour cream as dressing, with small ww tortilla rolled with homemade guacamole
- clementine
- 1/2 Lemon Zest Luna Bar before gym
- leftover Baked Chicken & Bean Rollup, steamed brocolli & cauliflower
- tea @ pre-movie drinks
- water & granola bar (or similar snack) @ movie Pin It


eurydice said...

you have inspired me to do the same yoga right now! i just printed the sheets :)

Cat_82 said...

You are SO rocking your work outs Jaime! It seems like you've been working out every single day and that is SO awesome!

Keep up the amazing work my dear!