Friday, February 27, 2009

Product Review - Late July Sandwich Crackers

I have long since jumped off the bandwagon for the individually packaged 100 calorie snacks. Sure, I tried the Thinsations, the mini Smart Pop bags, the baked chips, and enjoyed a few varieties of them, but in the end I have lost interest in the fad and found better ways to spend my money (and calories!).

I'm not a big fan of all of those wrappers either, but there is something to be said for a pre-portioned snack. I still like to have a few options in the cupboard and the glovebox for hunger emergencies....and sometimes a girl has to take a little extra enviromental wrapper with her snack. Generally I go for some type of granola bar, but those get boring after a while.
Mainly I just found that most of those "100 cal" options contain a bunch of useless ingredients...and none of them offer any kind of sustainability. I usually wind up eating three bags of the processed junk and completely undoing the whole point of the low-cal option!

So, when I found these Late July Organic Snacks at Pete's Frootique I was intrigued. I chose the peanut butter sandwich crackers. They came individually packed as any of the other previously mentioned treats do, but they are organic so no yucky fillers or weird ingredients to pad the flavor. They do clock in at 160 cals, but I've learned to suck up a few extra calories in favor of cleaner eating. It just means I'll eat one less scoop of yogurt or something later!

The ones I tried were cute and bite-sized. The crackers were rich, creamy, and salty...and the peanut butter was thick and tasty. Nothing artificial greasy aftertaste. And because there's actually a little protein in there it filled my hunger feeling for a reasonable amount of time. I would certainly buy these again to keep around for a treat or an emergency snack....I will also definitely track down their other products and give them a go.

To top it off, Late July is a family run company and just seems so down to earth. Their website is actually more of a family blog that happens to highlight their products. Fun to read. Love that.
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Lynn said...

I know what you mean about the 100 cal paks, I usually eat a few of them at a time which defeats the whole purpose. Plus you can usually buy a big bag of the same thing and split it up for cheaper.

I'm going to have to look into those Late July ones though, they sound awesome!

eurydice said...

Great review - I'll look for these.

Jen said...

I like having some of the 100 cal packs around for glovebox snacks like you said, but these sound great!!! I hope I can find them somewhere!!!

Angie All The Way said...

Oh they sound like a great all around compromise! Thanks I'll keep an eye out!