Wednesday, February 04, 2009


I am stiff from my neck to my ankles. Hamstrings and one hip are finally loosening up after being well worked at warm yoga on Sunday, but shoulders/back/neck are feeling the effects of the double load of shoveling yesterday. Thank God for the great neighbor that cleared the heavy snow plowed into my driveway this morning. I will still have to go out there and do some final clearing and deal with the mess between the cars though.

I did do a nice short relaxing session from last night. Lunar Flow #1. Ended up being the perfect choice since it focused on similar moves to my Sunday class at Breathing Space and helped with the tension in my hamstrings and hips. I have two more free classes downloaded and if I enjoy those I will probably go for a couple of the longer ones and pay for them. I had a great podcast from them last year that I loved, but it got wiped from my iPod and I haven't figured out which one it was yet. It was just about the most perfect 20 minute yoga workout ever.

Today is a gym day, so hopefully some of the ice on my car loosens up this afternoon (I see a lot of scraping in my future) so I can go after work tonight. Last Wednesday I had really wanted to head downtown to try out one of my gym's other locations' yoga class so I will try for that again, but if timing doesn't work out then I will head to my usual location for cardio and crunches.

Due to the excessive amounts of shoveling and time spent in the icy weather yesterday I decided I had earned a baked treat. So I dug out the bag of Quaker Low Fat Bran Muffin Mix I've had in my cupboard forever and made a dozen...1/2 the batch I added blueberries, the other 1/2 batch I added shredded carrot and pumpkin pie spice. So proud of myself for sticking to the muffins and not giving in on chocolate chip cookies or something else that I would have stuffed myself with. I ate my two earned muffins and reveled in my NSV!

Hooray for another day totally on plan!

Today's menu:

- coffee with skim & brown sugar
- blueberry bran muffin
- Liberte Svelt vanilla yogurt with fresh strawberries & blackberries
- leftover Gardennay red pepper & black bean soup with dollop of light sour cream, Garden of Eatin multigrain tortillas, 1 oz light cheddar, salsa
- grapes
- 1/2 apple after gym if needed
- beef stew, toast with Olivina margarine, leftover green beans
- carrot bran muffin with tea

(approx 24 points)
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Lex said...

Wow.. you wanna know what's funny... I've NEVER done yoga before!! I really have to give it a try!

Jen said...

I love those Yoga downloads (plus I added an application to my ipod touch - which I love too because it shows you the poses and you can customize your workout!!).

Your muffins sound so tasty!!

eurydice said...

the lunar flow is good for hamstrings? you have inspired me to try it tonight!

Marissa said...

I've heard a lot about the yogadownload. I'm glad you posted specific classes and what you think about each class b/c I didn't know where to begin...they have so many!

Lynn said...

Stupid ice. I was outside at 5am for 30 mins scraping my car out, was so heavy almost like glass.

I downloaded the Lunar Flow #1, but haven't tried it, now I will soon though :)

Mmm I need to make homemade muffins!

Cat_82 said...

that's awesome Jaime! Great job on the muffin vs. cookie decision!