Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Steaks on the Griddler turned out great. I made a quick marinade of dijon mustard, Worchester sauce, s&p, oregano, paprika, basil and a bit of oil to bind it all together....letting the steaks rest in that for about 1/2 hour while I got the potatoes baking and the sprouts prepped. They were thick-cut tenderloins so I chose to use the open-style grill as opposed to the panini-style. Worked just like a real BBQ! Our steaks turned out perfectly cooked with grill marks and all. :) I ended up just boiling the brussel sprouts instead of roasting them, but they still hit the spot. I baked a couple of small Yukon Gold potatoes for each of us too.

I did make it to the gym yesterday. I finished work about 15 minutes early, so I grabbed some clean workout gear and headed out to get there for just after 5:00. I figured it would be really busy...which it was, but I've seen it worse...but I still managed to get a treadmill right away so I was happy. I did a shorter warm-up because I wanted time for more running intervals, knowing that my running times would be shorter due to my congestion. I still managed to get my first run up around 5 minutes, but the rest of them were only 2-3 minutes with 1 minute walks in between. In the end I still ran a total of 13-14 not my best, but nothing to sneeze at. I finished my workout with 3 sets of different crunches, bum exercises, and some new bum exercises I found in Clean Eating magazine.

Today will be a yoga day. FH is taking the car for the afternoon and then I have a chiropractor appointment at 5:30. I don't like running or working out too hard after a chiro appointment so I think it's the perfect day for a Power Yoga download.

Today's menu...

- coffee with demerara & skim
- 1.5 servings (3/4 cup) 1% cottage cheese with 1/2 sliced banana
- banana oatmeal muffin
- tossed salad, with 1 oz leftover steak & 1 tiny baked potato w/ butter
- Chinese apple
- Baked Chicken & Bean rollups, with salad (I'm thinking spinach but it will be whatever greens are on sale), and homemade guacamole
- blackberries w/ no-fat Activia yogurt

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Lex said...

Mmmm we had steaks the other day also (indoor style on a grilling pan) turned out great also!!
Those grill marks do make a huge difference! hehe

eurydice said...

great run - 13-14 minutes is nothing to sneeze at... achoo!

Sara said...

I love steak - your marinade sounds awesome. Great run - way to just do it!

Angie All The Way said...

I haven't had steak in AGES!! I haven't checked out the exercises in the mag yet, but I'm all geared up to give the "home" strength session!

Lynn said...

Your steak sounds good, I miss the BBQ - can't wait until the snow melts so we can bring it out!

Awesome job with the running!