Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine's for One


- medium coffee with blend cream & 2 raw sugar packets (see how I avoided a latte!)
- Second Cup blueberry oatmeal breakfast cookie (4 points and all natural!)
- 4 Schneider's chicken nuggets & 1 serving McCain fries (that's right, I left the mall food court and came home!)
- Guiltless Gourmet chipotle black bean burrito, served with HUGE "mexi" salad (tossed salad with salsa & ranch dressing, topped with shredded light cheddar) and salsa & light sour cream
- late dessert of Organic Daybreak cereal w/ vanilla Almond Breeze
- midnight snacky-poo of Old Dutch plain ripple chips


- 30 Day Shred level 1 (finally I have weights!)
- 30 Day Shred level 2 (only 1/2...too many weird shoulder things for my bad arm)

All in all, a pretty good solo Valentine. :) Pin It


tash said...

Great V Day!

Lex said...

I agree there was some weirdness with level2!