Thursday, March 05, 2009


Just thought I'd check in before heading off to bed. The day went basically as planned, and I'm pooped.

I was worried that I'd wind up starving tonight because I ended up booking a last minute bikini wax appointment right when I should've been finishing my workout and heading home for dinner. But I ate my half banana as planned and got through just fine....just a little later than planned.

Note to self though...don't do a sweaty workout immediately following a fresh wax down there! Slightly irritated...but it's gonna be fine! :)

I didn't have much time so I opted for sprints on the treadmill just for something quick and different. 3 minute walking warmup, 2 minute sprints with 1 minute walking intervals...for 22 minutes. Followed up with my usual bum exercises and crunch sets. Quick but effective!

Got home around 8:10 and threw dinner in the oven (FH had eaten already). I was determined to stick to my meal plan and did (even though cereal would have been far more convenient...I wanted the veggies). I oven roasted the sweet potatoes instead of mashing them... it was just faster to throw them in with the chicken nuggets. I finished up my meal with a Cadbury Thin instead of yogurt because I was craving the chocolatey goodness.

Now I'm exhausted and have just finished my banking and am off to bed. Tomorrow is a full work day, plus packing and preparation for our vacay. Wooohoooo! Nighty night! Pin It


Jen said...


Yeah, bikini wax and working out...NOT FUN!!!!

Angie All The Way said...

BOOOOO on the loud trucks at midnight! Jeeeez there had to be SOME reason for it, is there?? I hope you get some better sleep soon. Maybe there's anxiety about getting everything ready for the trip etc.?

You're totally doing awesome these days! You're going to get to enjoy your vacay knowing that too!