Monday, March 30, 2009

Camera Happy

Trying to keep the monotony out of my Monday morning work routine, I decided to keep taking food pictures for you all. :) Monday mornings require a couple of straight hours of catching up on important intake forms from my work website, which gets a little boring so I tend to like to break it up and do something else every 15-30 minutes. Today I decided to take some time on eating/planning/picture taking.

Started with my essential morning coffee, bottle of water, and finally unwrapped the Self magazine I got last week.

Even though the weather is annoyingly wet and blustery and it is a perfect oatmeal kind of day, I opted to make a yogurt parfait since the one I had on Saturday was so yummy and satisfying.

In the bowl: 5 fresh sliced strawberries, 1/2 sliced overripe banana, 1/3 cup All Bran, 1 Liberte vanilla yogurt with Apple Raisin Muesli.

Next break I will be writing my grocery list and making a workout plan for this week. Although if this weather keeps up I may be hibernating inside. It's disgusting out there! (What happened to that 14 degree sun from yesterday?)

Today's menu plan...

- water & coffee with skim & brown sugar
- yogurt parfait
- leftover chicken salad on a ww tortilla, baby carrots, pickles
- Kashi granola bar
- Split Pea soup w/ grilled ham & havarti sammiches
- tea & snack
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