Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Catching Up with Me

I think all of those long days have now caught up with me. By bedtime last night I was exhausted and then wound up sleeping WAY in this morning. FH didn't have to work (lucky bugger) so I didn't have to get up extra early and still wound up sleeping through my own alarm for over an hour. Nutty. Must have needed it.

I'm feeling soft and squishy this morning. Funny, because I didn't feel that way throughout the whole vacation...or most of yesterday for that matter. By last night I was starting to feel it though and today my belly is actually a bit distended. I guess a combo of the bad eating and lack of water, topped by the overkill on fresh produce and water yesterday. Probably takes a few days for my poor body to get used to healthy living again.

Day one back on track was a little harder than I thought it would be. The evening snackies got to me a bit. I did stick with just some trail mix, but ate far more than I should have....at least it wasn't the Easter Creme Egg I have hiding in the pantry! hehe. I'm saving that for a treat when I've earned it. (oh Lord, give me strength!)

Due to the sleeping in this morning, I plan to head out shortly for a walk around the neighborhood since I didn't have my early workout. It's freaking gorgeous and sunny out there...clear blue skies....who cares if it's cold when the sun is shining like this! I think I'll do some yoga when I get back....and then tell FH supper will be late so I can hit the gym right after work. I want to run a little extra hard today and get some extra strength training in.

Vacation pics and post tonight, I promise!

Today's eats....

- coffeeeeee w/ demerara & skim
- Country Harvest sunflower flax toast w/ almond butter & honey, 1/2 Gala apple
- snack plate: deli turkey wrapped around dill pickles, few olives, baby carrots, rice Krisps, hummus
- other 1/2 apple, light cheddar
- leftover lemon/dijon/dill chicken breast & brown rice on spinach salad
- tea & Kashi granola bar
- Activia ff yogurt w/ fresh berries if still snacky Pin It

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Angie All The Way said...

I find there's like a 1.5 week delay in the body responding to what you do to it for the most part (except for a night on the booze, that'll hit ya right on target). You're doing great at getting back on track, I bet you're body's handling your vacay as a minor "blip" just because of the change in food etc. All that Vitamin D will prevail!