Friday, March 27, 2009


It's Friday so it seems like a good day to come clean. You know, so I can have a guilt-free weekend. (haha, ya right!)

This week has been a SNACKORAMA. Yesterday being the worst, but don't let that overshadow the rest of the week. Munch. Munch. Munch. I won't get into the details of the first few days as mainly it was just a lot of extra, unneeded snacks like cereal and such....but yesterday the chocolate monster in me took over! I found the remaining Easter Creme Egg in the pantry and sucked that baby back in about 20 seconds flat....didn't even savor it. Which led to an overwhelming craving for more, more, more. So while at Blockbuster last night I picked up one of those bigass boxes of Junior Mints...and ate the whole thing all by myself (subconciously totally chose something that FH didn't like so I wouldn't have to share). Topped that off with two mini bags of Jelly Bellys. Ugh.

What is my motto? "Today is a new day!"

Got up extra early to drive FH to work. I will have you know that normally I don't drive him on Fridays as he generally has short days that have him home by noon, but I purposely offered to take him so as to force myself to the gym first thing. Yaaieee me.

Added 2 more minutes to my treadmill run today. I'm totally on to something with the slightly slower pace. Warmed up with some incline walking for 5 minutes. Ran 7 minutes, walked 1, ran 7 more. Was just starting to feel a stitch at the end of the second running interval, so timing was perfect. Cooled down for a full 5 minutes of walking. For my modified ab work I did some crunches and side crunches on the ball. I'm so out of practice on the ball! Followed up with some planks, a few bum exercises, and some Supermans. This weekend I'm going to design myself a new workout routine or two....write them down on some cards to keep with I'm working on a plan, not just on the fly. I will try to fit in another gentle yoga session later today too, since yesterday's went so well!

- my tan (hahahahaha, my burn) is officially gone...and peeled or peeling. I guess the tropical vacay is totally a thing of the past. :(

Today's eating plan...

- 1/2 apple post-gym
- coffee w/ brown sugar & skim
- oatmeal: unsweetened Almond Breeze, 1/2 banana, raisins, sprinkle chopped walnuts, Almond Butter
- Healthy Request chicken soup, multigrain Wheat Thins, baby carrots, hummus
- 1/2 banana, maybe some grapes
- chicken quesadillas for dinner!: ww tortillas, grilled chicken boobies, leftover black beans, corn & spinach...with salad
- ff yogurt & strawberries Pin It


Lainey said...

LOL! Grilled chicken boobies. I can honestly say I've never heard that one before!

tash said...

Every time I read your motto I keep thinking me is "tomorrow is a new day" and that is so bad! I just do all the bad things I want today and think I will get it together tomorrow . . . that rarely happens :(

Marissa said...

Awesome on getting to the gym early this morning!!

I hate it when the tan from a trip fades's like the last reminder you had of your trip is gone. :( So sad.

Angie All The Way said...

I'm sooo OVer cadbury cream eggs. I had a moment with one a little while ago and it tasted waaaay too sweet and gritty and it wasn't satisfying at ALL. So now they don't tempt me as much. (Now I'm a yogurt whoare :-D)

Which btw, my appetite is much MUCH lower now that I've got so much little probiotics having a party in my belly --> Note to self: I must post about this..ignore me :-D

Sunny said...

I hate it when eating just one sweet leads to even more cravings, Uggh! I'm trying to take on your motto... today is another day (for me too)!

eurydice said...

i love your motto. YES!

Jen said...

GO YOU!!!! Seriously!!! I would have totally continued the snakathon for weeks to come!!! YOu are awesome!!!

I hear you on the cream eggs though...I love them!!!

Cat_82 said...

You are pretty much the cutest ever!!

I'll have to try those rice chips, although, I don't think I've seen them lately.

I heart cream eggs...

Bec said...

OMG i love love love those chips! I get mine at shoppers, they usually have 4-6 different flavors there.