Sunday, March 29, 2009

How to prepare for a Stagette....and how to recover

Last night was a stagette party for a friend who is getting married in Mexico next month. She lives a bit out of town, so she and her MOH decided to get a hotel room (a suite!) here in Halifax and hosted the first part of our evening there. A Sexy Girl party! There were snacks and drinks a plenty....including my Jell-O shooters and my drink of choice for the evening, Proseco. From there we carried on to a pub for some more drinks, and then to a local bar for dancing and of course, more drinks! I dragged my sorry behind home around 2:30am....just in time for FH to arrive home from the corresponding stag party. Today I'm a bit of a tired, headachy mess, but it was worth it.

Jell-O shooters: Wild Cherry Vodka & Lime Tequila

In preparation:

- slept in
- pre-gym snack of Kashi granola bar & coffee
- water!
- glorious workout consisting of treadmill, rowing machine, StairMaster, and full body strength training - water!
- hearty and healthy brunch:

- long, hot shower
- self-manicure

- extra long time blowing hair out and flattening properly
- mini-dinner including protein
- water!
- make-up, ironing, dressing up, taking blurry self portaits in bathroom mirror:

- call taxi while putting on finishing touches (then end up totally ready and still waiting for late taxi!)
- arrive with Jell-O shooters and make instant friends!

What not to do:

- mix too many alcohols...blech
- Proseco, Jell-O shooters, Strongbow, broken down golf cart shooter, vodka/soda, tequila shooter, random beer...nuff said

Bride to Be et moi (we totally forgot to make her wear her tiara when we left the hotel)

Morning after:

- try to sleep in
- get up to pee and take Advil
- nap a little longer on the sofa
- guzzle water
- attempt to get ready for brunch date, but give up immediately
- wait a couple of hours, then go for big bacon filled omelette complete with coffee, lotsa water, and fresh OJ
- feel slightly more human
- do a little shopping therapy
- eat massive pile of veggies for dinner
- console one's self with Easter Caramilk Egg supplied by equally tired FH :)
- hit the hay early

Should have done:

- more water throughout evening, especially before bed
- taken Advil and Gravol before sleep

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Amy said...

Holy look AMAZING!

Take care of that hangover muffin!

Vanessa said...


You look fantastic. Your shooters also look fantastic.

Don't mix boozes. :P

Fighter.... said...

i've never posted here before, but read your blog all the time. :)

thought i'd take this opportunity to say YOU LOOK HOT!! (hope that's not creepy over the ol' internet).

and proseco! good choice! :)

Jen said...

A) You are completely hot!!!!!

B) those shooters look SOOOOO tasty!!!!

C) How are you feeling now???

Julie said...

You are hot girly girl!!!!!

You look amazing!
Sounds like you had a good time, which normally ends up being a horrible next day.

Angie All The Way said...

OMG I haven't seen jello shooters since MY stagette where I had about a zillion! eck!

You're a hottie :-)

Cat_82 said...

I didn't see these pictures when I first read the post! YOu look amazing Jaime!! Super hot and gorgeous. I agree, a simple back tube top is ALWAYS a go to outfit!!

Cat_82 said...

RE: your comment - Your skin always looks fantastic, so you've obviously mastered the bronzer!

I use Bare Minerals in "Warmth" It's super intense looking in the pot, but goes on pretty sheer, and there is no shimmer....dont you just hate how we can't use the same products anymore now that we're all aging?

i LOVE Bonnebell.....It's cheap and for some reason, I've used some of their products since I was 15...

Krista "Phoenix" said...

ROFL! That... was AWESOME! Gotta remember the secret:

"Liquor then wine, feeling just fine.

Beer mixed with Liquor... never been sicker"


You DO look hawt though! ooohlala!