Friday, March 06, 2009


I fully admit I NEVER drink enough water. I always start out with a full water bottle and good intentions, but inevitably that bottle is still sitting on my desk partially full at the end of the day. The only exception is when I go to the gym, but even then I rarely drink the whole bottle. I really noticed it last night because I'd had a long day, a poor sleep the night before, extra coffee, and not enough fruits and veggies. After my workout, my hands and cuticles were really crying out for a drink.

So today's goal is to hydrate myself as much as I can in preparation for the long day and night ahead of me. I'm almost done my first litre, and I plan to get in at least two more but am aiming for three more. Especially since I'm seeing pizza as our dinner tonight!

Last night's sleep was pretty good. I was exhausted so it didn't take much for me to fall asleep but FH was feeling the insomnia again and ended up staying up and then didn't want to wake me so slept in the spare room again. Poor guy has spent more time in the spare room than our own bed since he got back from that last sail. I sure hope our vacay helps sort him out. Someone did phone at 2am though so that sorta screwed me up for about 1/2 hour...silly drunk friends in different time zones! We slept in a bit this morning but we were still out the door by 7am. I opted to skip the gym this morning and instead got a latte and came home to start early on work.

I have a ton of stuff to do today. Work and trip prep. It's gonna be action packed.

I will be fitting in a yoga practice before I eat lunch though. I thought I had to pick FH up from work at noon and would have to forfeit my workout time to do that, but he just called and is catching a ride with a buddy so that frees me back up. I've actually written out a huge to-do list and yoga is on it! I am going to download a 30-40 minute practice and that will be my last chance workout before vacay. :)

This time tomorrow our plane will be landing in Punta Cana!! I plan to have a fruity umbrella drink in my hand by noon! No menu plans, no gym plans, no worries!

Today's menu: involves eating up whatever's on hand and dirtying as few dishes as possible...

- Starbucks double tall vanilla non-fat latte
- coffee at home w/ demerara & skim
- high fibre toast w/ natural PB, smear of honey, 1/2 banana
- grapes & last of cottage cheese (1/4 cup?)
- deli chicken, carrot sticks, lemon dill hummus, leftover roasted sweet potatoes
- take out for dinner...I told FH he can decide so I figure he'll chose pizza or McDonald's (what the hell!)
- midnight snack on way to airport? Kashi bar? Pin It


eurydice said...

i am so jealous of your vacation - you lucky devil.

also, i've heard mixed things about water - some people say you can get all you need from your food, others say 8 cups a day which isn't that much either - just two of those plastic bottles or 1 L total.

Bi0nicw0man said...

Ya, I tend to agree...I think it's different for everyone. Generally I don't feel the need for that much water...I can really tell when my body is asking for it. Like today.

Cat_82 said...

Yay! Have a wonderful, restful time Jaime!

I'm so happy that you get this week in the Dominican after the crappy, snowy, icy winter you've had!!

I drink water like a crazy person, but it's mostly because I don't really drink anything else....I'm not a big fan of pop or juice really....

I think you'll be guzzling water in the D.R. I know I felt like puffy ballon towards the end of my trip to Mexico last year...the salt water and salty food (oh and the booze) just SUCKED the moisture out of me!!