Monday, March 16, 2009

It's been a whole week already?

Hola! We have returned! (hmmmmm....I sound awfully excited about that...but really wish we were still there....) Fun, sun, sand. Yep, could use some more of that. I'll have to win the lottery and invent a teleporter. :)

I promise to get my photos uploaded in the next day or two and put up a proper full report on my other blog to tell you all about it. In short, Punta Cana was great and we totally loved our resort (thanks Lex!). We didn't do much outside of the resort, but it was just what we needed. My plans for a bit of activity went straight out the window...hehe...but the eating was pretty decent (salad every day!) and the drinks weren't tooooooo bad (coconut milk counts as a fruit right?). I tried to turn my brain off and not think too much about what I was taking in, but it's ingrained in me and I just couldn't help it all the time. Slightly frustrating when you are trying to have a mindless good time! :)

We had a long day getting home on Saturday and had decided to just stay in vacation mode for the remainder of the weekend. No cooking, no cleaning, no unpacking. Just chilling. We picked up pizza on the way home from the airport and loaded up on snacks for a cozy movie night. Chips, chocolates, candies oh my. Honestly, we ate worse for the last two days than we did the whole trip! It was actually great that the resort didn't offer much in the way of treat-type snacks....I stuck totally to three meals a day and that was it. Of course, we totally made up for that when we got home. haha.

Back to the routine today though! Did a HUGE grocery shop yesterday afternoon...stocked up on lots of veggies, fruits, meats, breads, etc. No junk. FH has decided to get back on his diet now too (funny how being in a bathing suit for a week can kickstart your motivation...hehe) so it will be extra easy for me to get right back on the track I was riding before our vacay. Already went to the gym this morning....took it slightly easy, but was happy that I was able to just jump right back into my treadmill running without much difficulty. Tomorrow I'll step it back up to my usual routine and intensity. I'm aiming to include yoga every day as well because I was quite enjoying that extra stretch.

Weight was only up 2.4 pounds when I weighed in this morning, so that's a good sign. Hopefully that is mostly water (seriously didn't drink anywhere near enough while we were gone) and maybe a few ounces of Cheetos stuck in there that I can work off easily with a few solid OP days. Last time I gained on vacation it didn't fully show up until the following week so I'm hoping to head that off at the pass. I still have my great motivation that was so strong before I left and for that I am soooooo thankful.

So, back to work for me. 4766 emails I sorted through this morning and now it's time to start dealing with the 100 that weren't junk. Bloody spam. Thanks to all of my new followers that took on my challenge!! Welcome! I hope you all enjoyed my goofy "ghost-posts" while I was gone. I just couldn't leave you hanging. :) Pin It


Cat_82 said...

Welcome Home Jaime! It was so nice to see a new post every day that you were gone, but it's also super-nice to have the real live you back. Can't wait for pictures and great job with the food this last week!

Which resort did you stay at?

Lex said...

Welcome back! I know how much it sucks to leave... the week goes by SO fast! I'd love to do 2 weeks, but maybe in a few years when I get a few additional weeks vacation at work!

I am SO glad you loved the resort! Everyone has different tastes so it could have been hit or miss!


Angie All The Way said...

Yayyyyy glad you:

1) had a fabulous vacation
2) are an engrained healthly eater (I never had that issue when I was there!)
3) had an extended vacay at home
4) are back!

Look forward to the pics!


tash said...

I can't wait to see some pics! I loved the pre-planned posts - even if you are a bugger for rubbing it in everyday that you were on the beach ;P

JavaChick said...

Welcome home! And just keep reminding yourself that summer will get here...eventually...

Jen said...


It sounds like you did great for a week away!!!! You are super awesome!!!

I am so glad you are back, I loved the ghost posts, but it's nice to have you back!

farm girl. said...

welcome back! can't wait to see the pics and hear all about it...

hali ladies, it must be almost brunch time!?!

eurydice said...

welcome home!