Thursday, March 19, 2009

Keeping On

Crazy. I slept in again. Good thing I actually caught up my work by Tuesday and the bosses are on the road at a convention this week. Not that they can tell when I sleep in because they are four time zones behind me and I am always on top of things, but I still feel guilty. I need to get out of this routine, but I guess my body needs it. You'd think I didn't get enough relaxation on vacation!

Had another good day yesterday. Stuck exactly to my plan aside from one pudding cup, but I always underplan by a couple of points just so I can do things like that. Seems to work for me. Actually, come to think of it I didn't eat my grapes so really it evened out points wise. That taco salad I made was fan-freaking-tastic. Looked a little like a dog's breakfast...haha...but still tasted great going down. I love me some beany-cheesy-chickeny-salad goodness! That chicken rollup filling recipe was a good find....and those little tortilla salad toppers are perfect for that Mexican crunchiness without needing a whole taco shell or tortilla.

Workout was good too. Went right after was busy but I still managed to snag a treadmill. My running was a little off (my lungs are feeling really labored this week, which is generally my issue....I swear I have child's sized lungs) so I did 1-1 running/walking intervals...came up about 50 cals short in the end, but such is life. I did add on an extra 10 minutes on the Stairmaster though....and I'm really concentrating on adding planks to my strength training each session. Yesterday I added side planks to the routine, and now my goal will be to lengthen the amount of time I hold each position. Currently I have excellent form for about 15 seconds, then mediocre form for another 10 seconds or so....I'm working to 30 seconds of perfect form, then a full minute in each position. Good for my core and my bad lower back.

Today will be a similar workout. Obviously sleeping in is forcing me to evening workouts but that's fine. I'll be running/stepping/planking my way to a healthier me, with crunches & bum exercises of course!

Today's eats...

- coffeeeee with skim & demerara
- oatmeal with unsweetened vanilla Almond Breeze, 1/2 banana, ground flax, coconut, raisins, and a drizzle of PB2 (breaky & lunch all in one)
- grapes & light cheddar
- baby carrots & hummus
- spinach & mushroom omelette, served with a sundried tomato turkey sausage (from Sobey's...low cal and super freaking tasty) and toast
- tea & granola bar
- strawberries & ff yogurt if still snacky Pin It


Jen said...

*laughs* MMMMM dog's breakfast!!!

I don't know, but I think the time change has affected me this time but I am so tired all the time too!!!!

And to comment on your comment of randi's blog yesterday...I ALWAYS read your eats!! sometimes I just don't comment because I am too busy drooling!!!!

Cat_82 said...

Great job yesterday! I could never do planks....

You're on such a role! I totally want to try that sausage, but we don't have a Sobey's here...

Bec said...

I love having omelets for dinner, so good!

Amber said...

Thanks for the comment!

I do planks a lot. They're tough but they've really helped define my abs. I started by just holding them for 30 seconds and now I hold them for a minute usually. I also do walking planks wher I start on my elbows and walk up onto my hands and back down. Then it's a good workout for your shoulders too!

I had a spinach and mushroom omelette for lunch today :-)

Shirls said...

I get through planks by changing up my feet, first one leg then the other, seriously for some reason it tricks my brain into thinking we just started.. I also purposely put my ipod right under my face and play a music video, helps the time tick by..