Monday, March 30, 2009

Mondays are Easy

So easy to stay motivated and on plan on Mondays, isn't it? I didn't even think about straying off to snackville today, and even though FH stayed home from work today I didn't use that as an excuse to miss the gym...I just went later. I heart Mondays.

Went to the gym right after hitting up the grocery store. It was just before 5pm when I got there so it was getting crazy busy, but I managed to get the two cardio machines I wanted when I needed them so I was happy. Monday = 45 minutes cardio.

Treadmill: 5 minute incline walking warm up, 4:1 x 4 = total 25 mins
Elliptical: tension intervals = 20 minutes

+ crunches & side crunches on the ball
+ hamstring curls on the ball (thanks Amy for the link) - soooo hard!

Dinner was a comforting meal of Habitant Pea Soup with Ham and sammiches of ham & cheese. I stuffed some spinach in there along with the smoked ham, light jack, and grainy dijon. Fairly tasty although I will say that this particular brand of whole wheat brand is boring. I like me some multigrain or ancient grains or something in my bread!

For a snack with our tea, we are going to try out these little chocolate chip cookies I found. PC Organics at Superstore. Decent ingredient list and good calorie count.

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Jen said...

Sometimes Mondays are rough for me...I am so afraid of the week ahead that I sometimes slip a little bit....but you, my dear, did AWESOME!!!

I love those hamstring curls!!! We would do them in my ball class!!!

Lex said...

Wahooo to a great Monday!!!

that sammich looks sooooooo scrumptious!!

JavaChick said...

I had a good Monday too. Here's hoping the rest of the week follows suit!