Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Well, either you are all working diligently or no one feels like commenting! haha. I'm such a whiner.

Another sleep in for me this morning. FH is off yet I said, lucky bugger (until he has those 22 hour shifts at sea of course) I was going to get up around 745 to hit the gym, but managed to snooze my way right to 10am! oooooops! So I'll be heading to the gym shortly after I finish work today.

Had a decent workout last night. There may have been a run-in with a bag of Swedish Berries that I was feeling guilty about so I was determined to burn a few extra calories. Went right at 6:00 and thought it would be crazy busy (the parking lot was packed) but it wasn't too bad at all. Got right on a treadmill for a good run...5 minute incline walking warm-up, then ran 5, walked 1, ran 4, walked 1, ran 3, walked 1, then sprinted 1, walked 1, sprinted 1, walked 2 to cool down. Followed up with three sets of crunches divided by 30 second planks, full set of Eurydice's bum exercises (I sooo love these!) and some pushups. Was going to do arms but my favorite tricep equipment was busy so I just hurried home to dinner with FH instead. Today I will do the same run and exercises, but will add the arms and maybe some rowing or Stairmaster.

Started back with my daily yoga today. Nice and easy Gentle Hatha #1 from to get me back in the swing of things. Loved it.

Today's eats....

- coffee with skim & demerara
- ff Activia raspberry yogurt w/ fresh strawberries & All Bran
- 1/2 tuna sammich on sunflower flax bread, with pickles, baby carrots & yummy hummus
- 1/2 apple that I didn't eat yesterday
- "taco" salad: bagged salad, tomatoes, tossed w/ ranch dressing & salsa...topped with mixture of chicken, cheese, navy beans (it's actually leftover chicken rollup filling from the freezer)...sprinkled with some of those tortilla strip salad toppers
- tea & granola bar
- grapes if still snacky Pin It


♥ Dee ♥ said...

Your taco salad sounds yummy. Think I'll steal the idea.


Jen said...

mmm, I had taco salad tonight too!! It was so good!!!

I have definitely been more quiet with my commenting...i don't have many opportunities at work and then home I have been busy...sorry girl!!!

Lynn said...

Mmm taco salad is one of my favs!

Sounds like you're getting right back into the swing of things... I sometimes have a hard time doing that after being on vacay.

Angie All The Way said...

Comments are a bit sparse lately it seems all around :-(

I haven't had a taco salad in ages..yum!