Sunday, March 29, 2009

Recovery Dinner

Thanks for the comments on my stagette party post, dear readers! I felt pretty hot. That black tube top never fails for me. When in doubt, I wear that top. The freaking excellent hair day totally helped too. haha. :)

Today's recovery continued on with a simple Spring dinner. (Did I mention is was a crazy 14 degrees here in Halifax today? It was actually Spring. Amazing.) The easy route really would have been to get drive-thru, but knowing that wouldn't make us feel any better I opted to rummage around in the fridge and came up with a simple, tasty, healthy supper. Spinach salad and chicken salad sammiches. Lucky for you all, I had my camera in the kitchen so I have a few pics for you.
I did the salad up with baby spinach, red onions, tomato chunks, quartered mushrooms, about 1/2 oz shredded old white cheddar, a sprinkle of Ready Crisp bacon bits, and a splash of ranch dressing. Toss that all up with some s&p and I dare you to find a better 3 minute salad. :) (My trick is to make one big salad and toss it all, then serve. You can use WAY less dressing this maybe 1 tbsp for the entire huge bowl.)

For the sammich filling I started with a leftover grilled chicken breast, diced it up and mixed it with a chopped green onion, s&p, some light mayo and a healthy squirt of grainy dijon. I made FH's sammich with this, then added some extras to my grapes, chopped walnut pieces, and a few raisins. Put all of this on my favorite Country Harvest sunflower flax bread and a bit of extra light mayo and served with the salad.

In the end, I threw a handful of Mrs. Vickie's chips on my plate too for some crunch and salt.

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eurydice said...

now i have to make a chicken salad sandwich. :)