Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Snow. Wah?

Yesterday didn't go quite according to plan. It is always so hard to stick to regular meals and not get all snacky the first couple of days after a heavy eating weekend or event. Damn those Mike n Ikes I left in the car....I sort of maybe ate those on my way to pick FH up from work. And damn those tasty rice chips I discovered...so yummy I might have eaten a whole bag throughout the evening. ooooops.
My new motto is "today is a new day". haha. I think that is the motto of dieters and wannabe healthy eaters everywhere. Well, it's true dammit.

I've opted for a bigger breaky today to see if it makes a difference. Oatmeal!

oats w/ unsweetened vanilla Almond Breeze, 1/2 banana, ground flax, few raisins, mixed seeds, sprinkle of mini choco chips & natural pb

So, today I got up drive FH to work extra early. We had to get up a bit early because IT FREAKING SNOWED LAST NIGHT so we thought we might have to shovel and clear the car off. Thankfully FH shoveled before bed and not much snow fell overnight. He had to be at work early though because he's on duty today and had to relieve yesterday's duty watchkeeper. Of course, I hit the gym because I have no other reason for being out and about at 7am!

As usual I started on the treadmill. Since yesterday's 5 minute run went OK, I decided to go for 8 minutes today. Walked the first 10 minutes, ran 4, walked 2, ran 4, walked 5 minute cooldown. Followed up with tricep pulldowns, bicep curls (ya, it was supposed to be lower body day but I didn't make a plan and was at a total loss....dumb), then planks & sideplanks, 3 sets of regular crunches (how boring...I can't wait until my tailbone isn't so tender so I can do more variety!) and some bum exercises. I can do two of the four exercises, so I just did 2 sets to make up for missing the others. Threw in a double set of ab twists with a 12 pound bar and some shoulder shrugs with 8lb weights in each hand. I just felt like I needed more to do since I had to cheap out on the crunches and such.

This all just makes me realize I need to study up on some more exercises. I have a fairly limited repetoire!

Since FH is on duty today, he'll be at work overnight. Do you see the irony that he is finally home from sea when it snows, but he's still not going to be here to do the shovelling? I'll have to head out there at least once today. Hilarious...not. Since he's gone overnight I'm just eating up leftover and such, and will have time for some yoga (oh, I hope I can do it!) and will catch up on some bad TV (Celebrity Apprentice anyone?).

Today's eats...

- coffee w/ brown sugar & skim
- oats (see above)
- grapes
- leftover chicken stirfy
- hummus & crackers
- leftover pork loin chop, spinach salad
- tea & banana muffin, strawberries Pin It


Anonymous said...

do you cook the almond breeze directly into your oats?

Cat_82 said...

Good Morning beautiful!

I'm glad that not too much snow fell overnight, and I have to give you a giant WELL DONE for getting to the gym AGAIN this morning....

You're such a freaking rock star!

Hope your tail bone heals quickly and be careful with the shovelling...

Shannon - www.thedailybalance.com said...

your oatmeal looks delish!

Krista "Phoenix" said...

mmmmmmmmmmmmmm oat meal! mmmmmmmm we love oatmeal at our house! My kids fave is when I add mashed bananas, almond butter, a drizzle of honey and a little sprinkling of mini chocolate chips.

Marissa said...

Okay, you have it much worse than me. I was just complaining about how cold it is here but at least we don't have snow!!

Great job on getting to the gym again this morning...hope your tailbone is healing well!

Vanessa said...

I woke up to snow here in Winnipeg too. WHAT HAPPENED TO SPRING???


Natalie said...

I love celebrity apprentice! Great trashy TV!

Way to continue with your workouts despite your unfortunate injury!

eurydice said...

ugh more snow? i couldn't take it!

because of my new job i'm learning more about fitness so i'll be posting some new routines soon ... especially ones for the BUTT :) stay tuned.

ps i ate an entire box of spicy sour mike and ikes on the weekend... i'm sure that didn't help with my flab.

Lex said...

Garbage!!! This snow is garbage!!!!

And tonight the wind is even MORE garbage!! Bahhh!

Hope the bummy is doing better!

JavaChick said...

Those Rice Works chips are good, aren't they?

Tina said...

Brown sugar in coffee? Awesome idea! I need to try that ASAP! Thanks for the idea! :)

tash said...

Poor you and all your shoveling!