Monday, March 30, 2009

This Week, The Plan

I've planned our dinners for the week, and put some thought into lunches and as such came up with a grocery list for today. Mainly just a stock up on some fresh ingredients and few final pieces for the dinner plans.

Friday night is another night out to celebrate FH's birthday. His actual bday isn't until the 6th, but this is our only opportunity for a night out. Not sure the full plans yet, but I'm sure there will be fun, food and drink. ;)

I am sticking with mainly the same activity plan as last week, and since my tailbone is almost fully mended I shouldn't have too much difficulty. I was sad to miss warm yoga again yesterday and am crossing all of my fingers and toes that I can go this Sunday. Oh please, please!

Activity (copy and pasted from last week):

- Mon, Wed, Fri: 45 minutes gym cardio (running when possible, but otherwise incline walks and resistant elliptical work)
- Tues, Thurs: 25 minutes gym cardio, strength training (Tues upper body, Thurs lower body)
- Sat: 60 minutes gym cardio, strength training (full body)
- Sun: warm yoga or long walk or light gym cardio (pain and weather dependant)

*add a daily yoga session when tailbone allows

And for your viewing's lunch:

(I couldn't get the wrap to stay closed for the photo, but there's yummy chicken salad under that spinach!)

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Cat_82 said...

That wrap looks devine...

I'm so glad your tail bone is feeling better.

i totally need to take a page out of your book, and plan my dinners a week in advance...I'm just so moody and change my mind on what I want to eat so often....

Marissa said...

Seeing your pickles is making me want some now. Your wrap looks fantastic!!

Lex said...

I'm in teh same page as Cat - it is so hard for us to plan out our meals, but it definitely would help matters!

mmmmmm pickles pickles pickles ... yummers!!

Jen said...

I was all confused! I thought your wrap was made entirely of spinach!!! I was like, I like spinach as much as the next person....but....*laughs*

I love your plan!!! We do the weekly menus as well!!! TOTALLY helps to stay on track!