Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Vitamins - Calcium

Not too long ago I mentioned my disdane for swallowing horse-pill sized vitamins and supplements, and my excitement over finding gummy multivitamins for adults. Well, in addition to those I also recommend a yummy Calcium supplement.

I found Mega-Cal Calcium Soft Chews quite some time ago, and although I liked them I stopped buying them because I found them to be quite expensive. However, after realizing that it's actually more expensive to buy regular calcium supplements and never use them I started looking around for a chewable option again. I landed up right back at these same Mega-Cal Chews, but this time spent some extra time reading the label.

The recommendation is to take one chew twice daily to get your recommended daily calcium requirements, but after some thought I realized that one per day or even every other day would be fine for me because my diet generally includes a variety of dairy (and leafy greens, fruit, etc) that fulfills at least part of my recommended requirement. So that's what I do. I take a chew each day unless I've already had a couple servings of milk or cheese or yogurt...on those days I just skip it. All of a sudden the 60 piece container lasts a lot longer!

I bought a dual-pack at Costco (much cheaper for sure!) which has a container each of the Chocolate and the Caramel flavored chews. For fun, I dumped them both together and stirred them up (they are wrapped in non-descript individual wrappers) so now it's a surprise what flavor I'll get each time. Funny enough, I'm always hoping for the Caramel...it's so yummy....a little vitamin treat! Pin It


Shirls said...

I do almost the same thing, I have one a day regardless and figure that my diet covers the rest of the required amount. I too buy them at costco, for the price of course.. but I've never mixed them up, love that idea! plus I like the carmel best and I'm always eager to get to that box..so a mix up would be much better, soooo going to copy you, cause your a smart cookie :0)

Julie said...

What a fun way to add vitamins and calcium. I must check these out at Costco next time.

Jen said...

mmm, I love those things!!!! I haven't found them in a long time, so I will look at costco the next time I am there!!!

Lex said...

I've got the vitamins and I've eyeballed the calcium chews but never took the leap and bought them. I'll have to give those a try... I dont' drink milk... well... really ever so i NEED to get some calcium in some way or another!

Angie All The Way said...

haha oh how cute a "vitamin treat"! I should scope these puppies out the next time I'm at the "$200 store" :-D

Lex said...

here's my review of edenh