Sunday, April 26, 2009

19 and Sunny!

Yesterday's weather was sooooo beautiful. Could not have asked for a better day for a girl's seaside road trip! Blue skies as far as the eye could see and warm enough for a skirt and tank top. Love it. (Americans....19 celcius is 62 fahrenheit...)

The only thing that would have made the day better would have been MY CAMERA! Gah.

We got a reasonably early start, heading out the door right at noon...stopping up the road at the cute Bike and Bean for a car coffee (I actually opted for an iced chai....deeeeelish) and at the grocery store for a few eats n treats. Then onto the drive along lovely old Highway 3 along the coastline. Gorgeous as always. Tiffaney just loved it. We did a little sidetrip drive through Chester, then stopped in Mahone Bay for a walk around the town (and some homemade fudge of course!!) then continued on to Lunenberg for another wander around the town. The entire town is just so cool....exactly what every new visitor is expecting of the East Coast. We were hoping to see the Bluenose II but it was actually under a huge tarp for it's seasonal preparation...oh well.

We headed home around 5pm, taking the freeway back for a faster trip. After a bit of a relax and a glass of wine, we headed our for our fabulous dinner date at Bish World Cuisine. Dinner was freaking fantastic. We both more than over indulged and couldn't finish our meals, but everything was perfect. Then on to the world-famous Lower Deck for some Strongbows and East Coast music. Luckily Pogey was playing and they pretty much epitomize a Halifax bar band (Jen, according their website they will be in Ft Mac next month!). Couldn't have asked for more fun!

The eats for yesterday (seriously, you may want to look away!):

- iced skim chai latte
- cheese croissant & fresh fruit cup
- ooey gooey marshmallowy fudge
- 1/2 turkey sammich minus part of the bun
- white wine
- Bish Dinner: 1 raspberry martini, 1 white wine, shared potato & wild mushroom napoleon, lobster & sweet potato chowder, Atlantic salmon w/ carbonara sauce served with veggies & sweet potato fries (I only managed 1/2 the salmon and didn't even touch the potatoes)
- Strongbows at the bar

Man, that is not the menu a gal should be posting on her "healthy living" blog!!

Today we are off to wander downtown, check out the waterfront, and see whatever else we have time for. Tiff leaves at the crack of bloody dawn tomorrow..... boooooooooo. :( Pin It


Lainey said...

So...I know I don't know you or anything, but can I come and visit you and get shown around Halifax?


You sound like quite the hostess!

Shirls said...

I want to come!! that sounds like such a great day out! I have only been able to visit Moncton once and I loved driving along the sea side, so freaking pretty, lucky duck!

Jen said...

WOOO! I will have to go check those guys out when they come here!

I haven't been able to comment all weekend because I was out of town - sorry your camera is missing!!!! I can 100% say that your blog is still just as fabulous with or without pictures!

Angie All The Way said...

OMG sounds PERFECT!!!!!! I have a huge itch to take a spin down to Mahone Bay myself. I just discovered the Bike and Bean yesterday and I live just up the road! lol I've never been to Bish yet either! I think that'll be the next place I'll propose we go for a fancy dinner out!

Shannon (The Daily Balance) said...

what a fun day!!! eats aren't too bad -- we are allowed to indulge every now and then! that marshmellowy fudge sounds divine! ;)