Friday, April 24, 2009

Bad News!

I lost my camera! Ugh.

It's not an expensive camera, but it was only about six months old and we had taken about 100 pictures last night. Silly drunk girls....we think we left it in the cab on the way home. We know we had it 2 minutes before we left the bar. Sadly, there are about a zillion independant cabs here in Halifax and we haven't a clue which one we were in. I did call the two main corporate cab companies and the bar, but no luck so far. Booooo.

So no photos of the fun and healthy foods we had yesterday, or how cute us two girls looked for our night out on the town. Makes the blog seem sad and boring now. :(

Quick food recap:

- Breaky: sliced 1/2 banana, sliced strawberries, vanilla Liberte yogurt with chocolate crunch granola sprinkled on top
- Lunch: watermelon, grapes, Kashi honey-sesame crackers, cubes of light cheddar
- Snacky: yogurt covered dried cranberries
- Dinner: shared a huge Greek marinated grilled chicken breast, served with tomato & cucumber salad, and a dish of multigrain Tostitos and the last of the lemon-dill hummus
- After bar snack: avoided nasty pizza!! shared about 1/2 bag of NY Cheddar Kettle Chips

Lotsa drinky-poos....mostly Garrison Raspberry Wheat Ale. Yum!

Since my activity has been down (unless you count shopping!) I decided to squeeze in a session from yesterday before lunch. My neck/shoulder pain issue has been acting up so I wanted a good stretch and opted for the Yoga for Back Pain because I thought it would be less strenuous. I was was perfect!

And without photos, that's all I've got! We are off to enjoy the sun that finally came out, along with some late day coffee (to wake our slightly hungover butts up!) and make a short road trip to gorgeous Peggy's Cove! Good thing Tiff has a camera too.

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Heather said...

awww...that sucks that you lost your camera :(

I hope you are enjoying our beautiful day today :)

Angie All The Way said...

Oh No!!!!! :-((( That is too bad! :-(((((

I'm glad you girls had a fabulous night out on the town though :-S

JavaChick said...

Oh no! I'd be upset if I lost my camera. I'm addicted to photographing my cats and yard.

Julie said...

I feel so bad for you, it totally sucks. Happy to hear you guys had a nice time!

Roxy said...

Hope an honest person turns it in and you get it back!