Saturday, April 11, 2009

Busy Bunny

How to start the weekend off right:

Good company and a giant waffle!

Met up with Farm Girl and her itty bitty little man for a quick visit this morning over coffee and Cora's crazy-huge fruit covered waffles (a common love between us two girls). Both of our men are working today, so it was a good time to get in a little girl talk and run some errands.

After leaving FG to run her own errands (crazy girl was taking her little boy to Bulk Barn...oh joy!) I made a stop at the post office, then hit the grocery store. Holy good God people. It was like Christmas shopping in there. I only needed butter and a couple of sale items so you would think I'd be in and out, but no way. Freaking insane line ups. I could have left, but I needed the butter for Easter cookies and it's not like I was really in a hurry anyway. Mainly my arm was getting sore because I didn't get a basket and wound up carrying a 2lb bag of carrots along with my other items all in one arm.

I had other errands to run after that, but opted to head straight to the gym instead. It is right across the street from the Cora's/Sobey's plaza I was at and I knew if I drove away I probably wouldn't make it back. Good girl am I!

Workout was awesome!!

Cardio mixed bag: rowing machine 10 mins, treadmill jog 13 mins, recumbant bike 12 mins, Stairmaster 10 mins = 45 mins

Upper body: 3 sets x 12 reps: bicep curls w/ 25 pound bar, shoulder lifts w/ same bar, tricep pulldowns 15 pounds

Lower body: 3 sets x 12 reps: plie squats w/ 15 pound bar, stationary lunges w/ 8 pound weight in each hand, tiptoe calf raises w/ same weights

Abs, etc: 3 sets hamstring curls on the ball separated by 1 set regular crunches, 1 set reverse crunches, 30 second v-sit

I was wiped. But felt grrrrrreat! (yes, I'm a nerd.)

After my workout I was starving again (apparently that giant waffle doesn't have much protein to it!) so I finally decided now was the time to break out the infamous Coconut Cream Larabar. Holy moly people! Angie is right. This is BY FAR the BEST freaking Larabar ever. No wonder they are impossible to find. People are hoarding them. Lighter and creamier than any other Larabar I've ever had....tastes so decadent! I will be hoarding them from now on too.

One of my errands was at Chapters so I just "had" to get a coffee while I wandered around. Starbucks double tall 1/2 sweet vanilla non-fat latte. Deeeelish. I'm an addict, I know.

Now after more running around I'm finally home, showered, and getting ready for my big Saturday night of chores, baking cookies, and tackling the big office project. Oh filing on a Saturday night, how I love you. bwahahahaha. I just had a little snacky of hummus, Kashi crackers and a few garlic olives to tide me over until I make dinner. And maybe there's a little peanut butter bunny hiding in my pocket....but not for long!
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Lex said...

Omg, I got a terrible Cora's craving just looking at your waffles! I am an eggs bennie girl all the way! mmm

I just came back from Sobeys and it was nuts that is for sure!!! The crazies were out, which made it an adventure for sure!!

Cat_82 said...

OK....You HAVE to bring me to Cora's when I come out there....that waffle is making my mouth water!!!!!

Bi0nicw0man said...

There's a whole bunch of Cora's in TO. I'm sure Tash can direct us to one while we are there!

eurydice said...

the coconut cream pie larabar really is the best one there is - i'm having trouble finding them now!