Friday, April 10, 2009

Cheep, Cheep, Oink, Oink

This morning some birdies cheeping outside the house woke me up. Oh let this mean Spring is finally here to stay! The sun was even streaming through the crack in the curtains and we turned the heat down because it's too warm in here today.

In the spirit of Spring, I bought some new tulips while I was out last night. Tulips are by far my favorite flower to have around the house. Close second would be stargazer lilies because they smell so good.

Considering today is technically a Canadian statutory holiday and I told my bosses I'd only be checking in on work, I've ended up with a full work day. Booo to that. Oh well, I didn't have anything else planned except tackling this office disaster so better to get the work done today rather than be drowning in it come Monday morning.

Since I did four posts yesterday I decided to skip the breakfast post today. It was just a simple cup of coffee, with the last two mini blueberry scones (topped with honey) and some canteloupe. I held myself over with a second cup of coffee which was extra enjoyable now that my desk is clean! I am keeping this cute vase on my desk with a fresh flower stem in it now's nice to have a nice little bit of nature in here!

For lunch I made a snack plate of hummus, carrots, a sliced mushroom, pickles, a lonely artichoke heart, some light cheddar, and a big serving so Kashi original crackers. There's something about cheddar and hummus that I just love. Same kind of love I have for chickpeas and cheddar in a salad...deeelish.

I just had a quick snack of the mediocre sesame trail mix from yesterday. I hate waste so I wasn't going to just toss it so figured I'd eat it now and be done with it. Regardless of whether it tasted boring, it fills the tiny hunger gap until dinner. (Which is going to be pork tenderloin by the way!)

Tonight we are off to visit one of FH's coworkers who's wife just had a baby. We got them this cute piggy bank....I always get piggy banks as baby gifts, it's my thing. :) I even found a 2009 quarter to put in it because it's bad luck to give a bank with nothing in it.
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tash said...

Your desk looks amazing! That is such a cute piggy bank!

Vanessa said...

Cute piggy! :D