Friday, April 03, 2009

Coffee Buzz

Since I last visited you all I:
- drove FH to work (booooo to weekend sailing!)
- had a mini-breakfast
- drank too much coffee
- had two long phone calls for work
- completed only one of the five things on my to-do list
- made lunch

So maybe it's good that FH isn't home tonight. I can work late, putter around the house, do some yoga, eat shrimp for dinner (FH doesn't like fish or most shellfish), and read a whole lotta Eclipse! I can actually accomplish a lot when home alone. It's nice for a day or two here and there. (Remind me of that when I start whining during the SIX WEEK sail he has coming up!)

When I got up this morning I enjoyed a steaming cup of coffee, accompanied by one of my Chocolate Chip sorta-peanut buttery Oat Bars.

After I dropped FH off, I was a bit hungry so I just had a little bowl of Activia ff raspberry yogurt with 1/2 sliced banana on top. (and maybe more coffee and another oat bar...hehe)

I was getting nowhere fast with work, and a few hours later I got hungry all of a sudden. I went downstairs thinking about making a tuna sammich, but found a lonely uneaten grilled chicken breast in the fridge so turned that into another yummy bowl of chicken salad. Mixed with green onion, chopped Gala apple, raisins, walnuts, light mayo, and honey dijon. Drool. I could have just eaten the whole bowl with a spoon, but since that seems a little gluttonous I opted to just make a half-sammy with a slice of sunflower flax bread and a bit of lettuce.

Served it with the rest of my apple and a few crunchy baby carrots.
OK, fine....there was one more cup of coffee (I made extra this morning thinking FH would drink some but he didn't and I don't waste good coffee!). I did mandate myself to chug a couple of bottles of water today too though to flush the caffeine through. So far, so good.

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JavaChick said...

Before we got married, Husband used to travel a lot for work. It was sorta nice to be able to do my own thing...for a short period of time, then it pretty much sucked and I just felt lonely. I feel for you!