Friday, April 03, 2009

ER made me do it!

Ooooooops. Forgot to come back post the rest of my day yesterday. This meal posting takes some getting used to! I blame the ER finale. We tuned into it about 1/3 of the way in, and I wanted to see it through...even if it was midnight when it ended. I thought they did a nice job, but I didn't find it spectacular. Too bad they couldn't convince George Clooney to make an appearance. I've been watch it on and off forever though, and I was glad I saw the final episode.

Did anyone else watch the ER finale? What did you think?

Sooo....yesterday's eats....

I ended up having another long work call, so I snacked on some more dried apricots and cherries while I chatted.

Dinner was yummy pre-seasoned steaks. They were just the right size, rolled in Montreal Steak Spice. I think they were sirloins, but I've forgotten already. I grilled them up on the Cuisinart Griddler. Man I love that thing!

I warmed up the leftover mashed potatoes with a bit of warm milk to make them creamier, then added a sprinkle of green onions, Ready Crisp bacon bits, and about an ounce of old white cheddar. Served alongside the steaks and some lovely steamed asparagus.

After dinner I made some Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Oat Bars. I used Tina's recipe for Raisin Oat Bars, but swapped the raisins for about 1/3 cup mini chocolate chips and I added some powdered PB2. I didn't add enough though because the peanut butter flavor didn't come through very well. But the bars were still yummy none-the-less! FH and I enjoyed a couple of these with some skim milk while we watched ER. I'm quite proud that I only ate the two I had served myself....I could easily have gone back for a few more!

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Angie All The Way said...

Jeez I feel like I've been away from your blog for a week or something! You're keep up quite a great selection of pics! It all looks so great and healthy, great job!

Yeah I saw that "shop nude" thing there on Wednesday and I didn't pay attention to it because I was afraid I'd do it! lol

Poopey about FH's sailing schedule (as usual!)

I laughed out loud about your mashed potatoes dialogue with FH! lol

farm girl. said...

lol. I watched the finale. George the man was back a couple weeks ago, and I guess that was all the could convince him to do...not bad, since i think i read that he had said he'd never be back.

southland looks like it might be a good replacement, we'll check it out next week.

Shirls said...

those bars look amazing to me! I watched the ER finale, I was disappointed I expected a big special once in a lifetime kind of episode and instead it was just ok...

Fatinah said...

I watched ER....I didn't really even find it good for a regular episode...and the fact that they dragged it out 2 hrs....PLUS, hello, why bring back Eriq LaSalle if you're not going to get him naked??? I do think they did a nice job though, throughout the season finishing up the I guess it was all done by the finale...George was on a couple of weeks ago...but I didn't really like the way they did that either....they didn't get him naked either! hahahaha

Julie said...

I watched it as well. I have been on and off with ER in the past years, I still managed to understand all the story lines. I did think they did an OK job at finishing it but expect a big hoopla, that did not happen.